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I made my third visit to Tsugaike last Monday courtesy of an unclaimed ticket from the SJ Giveaways, so a BIG thanks to SnowJapan and Hakuba Alpen Resorts for the chance to go back there.


I chose Tsugaike over the other resort options for 2 reasons:- 1) It's very beginner-friendly so perfect for my other half's 5th ever day on a board and 2) I wanted to check out the top ropeway that Chriselle and I discovered last season:- http://www.snowjapan...ews/detail/2018


Assuming that you're not interested in beginner-shenanigans, here's a pictorial of my ropeway run:-


1. From the trail map.



2. View of the bottom ropeway station looking down from the Tsuga-no-mori course. You can see the next ropeway tower to the top right of the photo.



3. Ropeway schedule.



4. Entrance to the bottom ropeway station.



5. Prices.



6. Top station.



7. The main/only "course", namely the access road back down.



8. The gully that I rode...



9. ...back down to the bottom station.



& here's a link to my wordier resort review:- http://www.snowjapan...ews/detail/2039


Thanks! :thumbsup:

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That's funny! So is "TK" really a robot in disguise??


You need to pay extra for it?




Afraid so Muika! On the plus side I guess that would mean less competition for fresh lines but if it was a good day, you could easily get through a few thousand Yen!

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