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Muikamachi Ski Resort (Minamiuonuma, Niigata) - 27th January 2014

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Just a few hours at the local skijo today. And local in every way. It was actually quite busy, but almost everyone there was a local school student taking ski lessons.

Though somehow the pics make it look very quiet. :confused:

Perhaps I should quality it by saying busy for a weekday at a small skijo.


Anyway, not much to say really. Not very interesting. The top lift is now closed which is a shame. Funnily, they have it as a 'feature' - a 'Hike Up Zone' they call it.

Lovely views of the valley. That's it really. Just took my phone, so here's some iphone pics.

I don't think I'll go here again.

It gets it's own thread for completions sake (one per skijo I go to in the season).













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