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This seasonz stoke, something for next time..

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Probably the last snowboarding trip for this season.. because we avoid easter hoildays and being warm this year, snow is pretty bad .

So. for what we have saved up for going to Japan, we went to the glaciers here in Europe.

For 3 days the snow was hard packed and icy in the morning, and later the sun softens the surface. Everywhere that was inviting was pretty tracked out and the run on that was pretty choppy and may catch the edge. We stayed on piste which is flat (20 - 35 degrees) and very long for fast carving action. What else can we do? Bombing without turns gets boring and I kinda go dopey when it goes fast ... dangerous !

Some kid surprised me though. He was on our gondy, about 12 and riding a 141 board. We ended up chasing each other with a grin on our faces, and I thought ` boy, how the heck can he go so fast ? He is lighter on a short board than me! mmm... less pressure per square cm on the board? drag coeff ? no way...´

Anyways, it was spring blue-bird conditions and pretty crowded. Sunscreen and eye protection.

Last day, it snowed. I knew it would overnight and we were betting for it. We got to the base station to find out that only 2 T-bars were operating. Saw some disappointed faces and people coming off the mountain. We didn´t have enough money on us so we waited for an hour for cheaper ticket price. The first few runs we spent off the slack off the T-bar, which was pretty good and we spotted that the gondy stated to move ! Talking about the lazy butt get the worm ... First track after mid day, what a score !

Previously we had sussed out the rocks on 40-60 degree slopes where slipping on hardpack and ice or old track catching your edge would be OhOh, but now there was fresh cover making it do-able.

This season´s stoke and defo we would like to go back for more... Have to buy my Mrs. a back protector.

Add your stoke, too, if you like ... :friend:


where we went

on the way down

The line for next year

where does this track go?

valley run

view from the our room

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