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Snow Magic Fukushima (雪マジ!ふくしま) campaign: Free lift tickets for 20-22 year olds

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Anyone born between April 2, 1989 and April 1, 1992 can ski or board for free every day this season until March 31, 2012 at any of the following Fukushima ski areas:


Aizu Kogen Daikura

Aizu Kogen Takahata

Aizu Kogen Nango

Adatara Kogen


Inawashiro Resort


Grandee Hatoriko


Family Snow Park Bandai x2


Yokomuki Onsen

Listel Ski Fantasia



Fairy Land Kaneyama


To get a free lift ticket, show one of the following forms of photo ID at the resort ticket counter:

--Driver's license

--Student ID w/photo


--Juumin Kihon Daichou Card w/photo (写真付き住民基本台帳カード)


No other form of ID accepted.


Note that this campaign is separate from the nationwide Snow Magic 19 (雪マジ!19) promotion for 19-year-olds, which has different conditions.

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Guess that's the age where students have money and still deciding what to so with their free time? Perhaps that's the core age to keep them interested and also to bring youth into the area? Seems a great offer and hopefully it will work.


Saw on a news story that in some areas of fukushima, there is only 1 young person out of every 3 people. Although don't know what they classified as young.

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That's about right Karnidge.

A few years ago I was eating at the restaurant just below the top gondola station at Akakan (Myoko) when 2 little grey haired Japanese ladies come over for a chat, they had done a tour to Cairns & Ayers Rock & were keen to practice their Australian/engrish - I don't know why they were attracted to me - maybe it's because I look older than I am or maybe I am older than I look. Any way they told me they were 80 years old which amazed me as they wer definately in ski gear. I said to them "surely you are not 80 but you are 40 each".

WELL - they did not stop giggling for about 10 minutes. I think I made their day, or year. Anyway they went ouside clipped in and took off down hill.

I hope I am still enjoying it that much at 80

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