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This weekend. Next weekend.

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Originally Posted By: big-will
OK so it is Wednesday.

This weekend is the one that is a few days away right?

So, when is 'next weekend'?
Is that the one after that? Or the same one just coming up.

Awesome question this so does my head in. I often say next weekend meaning the one after the up coming one and people still think you mean the up coming one but then i would have said this weekend.

God now I have given myself a headache!!
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Yeehaa, Flying to Brisbane THIS weekend and then on to Pow Heaven !!!


OH shit, is that THIS weekend or is it NEXT weekend ? Thanks guys , thanks very much.


And if I am flying THIS weekend do I fly Sat or Sun, I guess Sunday is the Weekend ?


Shit, Shit , Shit,


Excuse me , I have to rush off ,


I have a Weak End you know !!!

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