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Document 14-307-1792 (naughty nonsense)

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Don't know about nonsense, sounds very important to me.


A top-secret report, leaked in the 1990s, described a series of Nasa-authorised sex sessions. Document 14-307-1792 stated that there was a growing number of married couples engaged in long-term projects on the US space station, raising the question of ‘how such couples will be able to carry out normal marital relations without the aid of gravity’. It revealed that during the STS-75 space-shuttle mission, the lower deck of the shuttle was cleared for 10 copulation experiments, each an hour long. An elastic belt was placed round the waists of a man and woman, and the results noted; then a belt was placed round their thighs. The belt methods off-puttingly reminded them of practices ‘associated with bondage’. Another test involved an inflatable tunnel pressing the amorous pair together. This had worse snags: ‘once aroused outside the tunnel, getting in was difficult’, and the tunnel ‘tended to get sticky’. But there were problems with the report too: mission STS-75 wasn’t launched until 1996, after the ‘leak’, and it carried only men. Nasa claims 14-307-1792 is an anonymous piece of naughty nonsense.
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