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Bali. The best destination in Asia.




respect for nature.




Ripping surf, bigger than two times head height (Sanur)








Balinese Running ducks in the pool, except they are both boys and were taking it in turn to be Balinese Shagging Ducks.




The pool and the sea. Memsahib.




She's a fearless pillion rider. A dream to take on a motorbike.




Bali food is fantastic.




There's nothing like having a fit chick rub my body.



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Bali was our very first oversea's destination - and it sparked our love of travel and exploration.

Looks like you and Soubriquette made the most of all the delights of Bali....and there are many.


And as for that last pic...well AS a woman I would like to see a new international rule that during that period of time all women should be secluded to a womens rest facility run by women for women - where cleansing food and no strenous activity are the order of the day. MY oh MY - what a fantasy that would be. A week out of every four to kick back and relax! hee hee one can dream!

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Well Mamabear, I think that's the go if you are a Hindu. Relieved of duties for the relevant week.


We hired a bike for the duration, and took a few days trip north through Lovina, Turamben and Amed. Then round the eastern pointy bit and back to Sanur. I was well pleased. Bali is great biking country. You don't have to ride like Barry Sheene, and it's lovely winding gently through the mountains. On a bike you get to smell the air, and feel the temperature change from sunshine to shade. You can stop anywhere and we did the whole lot on 1 1/2 tanks of petrol. By the end my skills had returned and I could balance the bike 2-up without wobbles.


I took a boat out to go snorkelling in open water outside the reef at Sanur. Not great, but good fun. I was very happy to feel confident in open water, so next trip I'm going to refresh my PADI skills and get back into SCUBA diving.










The memsahib and I have individually and collectively travelled to most countries in Asia. These days, planning involves a lot of circling. Then we agree that in terms of cost performance, ace people, and things to do, nowhere competes with Bali.

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Bali is a pretty amazing place. I spent a lot of time there in the 80's. I met my wife there too. My first trip was in 78 (man you should have seen it then) as a 11 year old, our last trip was in 98. After that last trip I said I'd never go back. The place had declined in my view from it's early beginning. It was a true paradise in the early days.

But if that's what you like Soubs, then good for you. thumbsup Hope you had a blast.


Does your misssus know you post all these photos of her on the internet? wink

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I met her in Bali too, about 5 years ago.


She's no shrinking violet. She's seen this thread and is perfectly happy with the photos. Would you like me to post the name and address of her cake business? Well bugger off, you'll get me bannned wink

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Good to see you went to the nice part of Bali Soubs.

I love Sanur.. I first went there in 81 (mantas ya beat me mate!) and pretty much every year after that. I get sick of Bali in Kuta but always end up going back!


Where did you sat at Sanur? We always stayed at Segara Village , and I even got married there!


My Bro is off tomorrow and my parents in a few weeks, August marks 2 years since my last time... feeling sadness!


ps. Did you pay polisi?


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We haven't been back with the kids - a psychological thing.

There is a boy in my 11yr olds class at school - a friend of his - whose Mum was in Paddy's with her sister at the time of the bomb. Of course, she passed away. The Dad is amazing - he is doing a fantastic job of being both mother and father to his son and daughter - but for me I just can't book to go back there...at least not while my kids are still at home.


I know that things happen all over the place, and you could just as easily get hit by a bus outside your own home ... but it is a psychological barrier for me.


Strangely enough - the Solo Dad and his kids go back every year.

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Originally Posted By: soubriquet
Segara Village it was. Re-vamped since you were there and very nice it is.

I've heard that Soubs! That's where my olds will spend their month. Our family are very good friends with the owners after going back so often!
I used to muck around with Mrs. C who is now at the helm. She insisted I have out wedding there and would hardly take a cent.

I heard they are also doing up the front (beach side)... have to get back!
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Mamabear. I grew up near Coventry. The centre of Britain's car and machine tool industry. In the 1950s the city was still bombed flat, and people were still mourning the thousands of dead.


Australians know bugger-all about having the enemy 10 miles from the door. Bali was nothing. Long may it stay that way.


My father spent WWII sitting on the back end of a 40mm Bofors. London, North Africa and Italy. Shooting at the bstards while they shot back at him. Bali is fine and safe.

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I get that Soubs - and my Dad grew up in similar conditions as you back in the old country. Nan drove trucks and ran sandwiches out to the pilots who routinely crashed into the ocean on the approach to the cliffs of Dover because they had run out of fuel.


I feel blessed and so very fortunate to live where I live in the time that I live.


My issue is irrational. I am aware of that. But there are plenty of lovely destinations for me to explore. Having said all that I still found Bali to be a beautiful, serene and peaceful place, and it sparked our love to explore the globe.

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Indo- I did a recalc and it was 1977, the year after the old man passed away. Mum took all us boys over for a break. We stayed at the Sanur beach hotel, I don't think there was much choice in those days. My oldest bro and I hired boards, we were so cool when we got back to school and told all the other kids about this mystical surf island called Bali.

In the early 80's we surfed a little known spot called Bingin. There was no land marks to distinguish it from any other part of the coast, occasionally a lady would come down to the beach with a bucket full of cold coke bottles, that was it. Endless uncrowded barrels. The last time I went to Bingin there was 3 or 4 warungs and a hotel.


Mama- That's not the reason that I don't go back. It's more a case of paradise lost, just a personal thing. (there is a fair chance i might be going back next year).


Soubs- Your missus is a good sort, but if it was me, she could be as ugly as sin and I'd still marry her if she owned a cake shop.

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I know plenty about Paradise Lost. My big Asia trip in 1980 was three months via Koh Samui and Nepal (stop laughing). Koh Samui was an overnight ferry trip from the mainland and we stayed in a grass hut on the beach. The "hotelier" was the ex-Chief of Police for the island, and dealing Buddha sticks over the bar.


Nepal was amazing. On the walk to Annapurna, a muleteer flogged me a lump of hash the size of a cricket ball for about a quid. I bet he was delighted with his profit.


In 1980, the old hands were grumbling about this and that, and how things had changed since the tourists arrived. Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose. These days, it's a Bintang by the pool for me.

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Ah Bali, 10 plus trips now, lost count and still love the place, sure it changes but its still the only place I have been where the cops grab you riding down a one way road the wrong way with no helmet after a big sess at the Echo Beach Bar and its $3 and your away, being told to continue down the wrong way. Dont act like that now but it was humourous at the time. smile


The people are the best, the waves can be world class and its cheap, pretty much spent the 3 winters before this one there and just loved it. Sing Ken Ken

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