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 Originally Posted By: Kingofmyrrh
Wow, looks fantastic. Is that illegal section the face you mentioned before that has huge slides once every blue moon?

That's it. As a whole, its shrubs and trees anchor everything in. But- all those little rolly patches rip every time I go in there. Basically, every run I have had in there (around a dozen or so) just ended up being a run of snow-management, just kicking off mini slabs and very few turns in the bottom tree section. It's not really worth the effort. If it ever gets a huge dump, those little rolly patches team up and rip out trees. I'm not sure if the resort management has ever seen that face during a bad cycle. But the tree growth signifies it. (bye-bye lower basin.) Maybe they would close the lower basin if those shrubs up high finally got buried.
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 Originally Posted By: muikabochi
It's not actually just above the runs there is a dip between that peak (Iiji-san) and the resort. Having said that in the few times I have been to Iwappara I've never seen anyone going up there!

I'm afraid to say I bottled it and went to Kagura after all. Since I was on my own I knew I'd end up getting discouraged if I went for an explore on my won and didn't end up finding anything pleasing. Was out of bed at 5:10 and at the top of Mitsumata ropeway by 8:10. That is a pretty decent turnaround for a train user, even if I do say so myself. Hiked up to the peak a total of three times but 2/3 was beaten back by near-whiteout conditions. Didn't get quite as far around as I wanted to even on the successful effort, but still enjoyed it. Was all a bit low angle though, maybe I just didn't hit the right line (I couldn't really see well enough to plan out in detail). Met a couple of British guys with a North American fellow towards the end of the day - the North American guy was planning to camp out underneath the No 5 Romance lift top station, braver man than I!

And I saw a big white mountain hare, never seen one before, that was probably my favourite bit!
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