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Sapporo to Tokyo Feb 20. How do I get there?

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First timer to Japan (can't you tell!).

What's the cheapest way to get from Niseko to Tokyo?

And how do I book it?

I've spent weeks searching through websites but I still have no idea what to do.



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Flying from Niseko to Tokyo most of the flights go into Tokyo Haneda airport rather than Tokyo Narita airport (70minutes bus apart) however some do fly to Narita.


Cheapest tickets are if you have a Qantas ticket from Australia to Japan in which case it costs $AU114 to fly and the best way to book is by calling JAL.


Alternatively Japanese airline Air Do fly between Haneda and Chitose (Sapporo) very regularly for around $AU200. I have no idea about this airline but I will be flying it in a few weeks!


Hope that helps.

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