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I have too many game consoles laying around, I dont need two and half 360's in my house. I have the spare Japanese xbox 360 with a wireless controller. The console is compatible with many region free games from around the world.


It does not have a hard drive, power / video cables, so its going for cheap since the buyer will have to purchase them either online, or get them from a friend / other source.


I have the following 7 games to go along with it.



Perfect dark

Ridge racer

Dead or alive

Ninety nine nights

Bomberman act zero

Tetris Grand master


I also have a spare 360 motherboard(USA) that was purchased on ebay that is in need of repair but can be fixed (needs a hotair rework station) that has the video ram with bad solder points. Tried a quick fix on it which worked for a short time but quit again. I will give it along for free if anyone wants to dink with it.


I will either trade for snowboard gear or sell the console, games, and controller for 15000 yen.


Im located in downtown nagano (about 10min from nagano station)


Contact me at 080-5143-4932 or email at midnightcharger2@hotmail.com



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no, they were redesigned. The a/v cable can be bought at yamada denki or other game stores possibly toys r us, etc.


The power cable (power brick) is what MAY have to be ordered online. I didnt do any research at local stores to see if they sell replacement power supplies. More than likely it can also be ordered within Japan.


Ebay has them / and a company in China sells them for about 50 USD / 5000 yen.

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I'm interested and will be in Nagano for new year, but don't totally understand what you are offering.


I think you offering this:


XBOX 360 console

7 games

1 wifi controller?

no video cable

no power adapter

spare damaged motherboard.


Has it been modded or otherwise taken apart?

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sorry frank got overloaded last night I want the box for sure when are you coming this way?


What other tricks do you have to put into the box?

ie you talked about many for the ps2?

Will you be in hakuba anytime soon?

So swamped its hard hard to do everything that

i promise people that ill do on time at least for one more week.

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