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  1. Great job Kuma, does this mean you can start charging people to ride with you?
  2. I havn't hit the park all season, maybe do a day on the water then hit the park the next day. Gotta figure out how Im gonna dry my boots over night though.
  3. Looks like I need to get some old used ski boots I have a ton of stuff back in the states time to dust it off.
  4. Looking for info on water jumps for summer fun. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Looking for: Locations? Prices? Do most people use there winter set ups? boots and skis? Opening dates?
  5. I really didn't like Oahu when I was there. If I go back to Hawaii I will hit Maui. Waikiki is just like being in Japan accept I can read the signs. Not that I don't love Japan, but Oahu just didn't do it for me.
  6. I was at the north shore last August. The surf there is really small during the summer there but there are other places on Oahu that get decent size stuff that time period. Wiameia has literally nothing during the summer season. I will be in the states wakeboarding for 3 weeks in August this year. 2 sessions a day slashing glass for a few weeks of vacation = yummy.
  7. TB, I don't think FT comments were directed at anyone specificly.
  8. he can get there cheaper because he lives in tateyama on the toyama side
  9. I will go back to tateyama, that place is sweet. Its not just a ropeway, you take like 3 different types of trans to get up there. I think you can just take a bus from the toyama side though. Kuma can probably get there for much cheaper.
  10. tateyama is the most expensive lift ticket in japan, it cost like 10000yen from the Hakuba side to Marodo. there are some nice lines to be done up there though.
  11. I have the indo flow trainer cushion for my board to. That thing is more of a workout than the roller. Its a nonstop workout.
  12. surfers and snowboards should pick it up fast. I'm counting on it to improve my wakeboarding this summer
  13. Got my indo board in the mail yesterday. Its pretty fun and my legs are sore today. There all all kinds of crazy workouts you can do on this thing. So far I am just trying to get used to it. I'll bring it up to FTs golden week if anyone wants to check it out. Its great for ankle and knee rehab as well.
  14. Originally Posted By: Toque people like you that mainly ski sidecountry/slackcountry and have 2000 metre lines within a lazy 1 hour skin. This is so me, Dukes it is. Until I stop finding sick sidecountry/slackcountry terrain anything over a 2 hour accent is not necessary. I believe I will have the same opinion until I drop about 20lbs.
  15. you can only ski in japan for so long before the horrible fashion sense starts to rub off on you. FT, your headed south fast, get back to your roots and get some Carhartt bibs and a blaze orange hat, eh.
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