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  1. I spoke to soon, the sky has cleared and Fuji is in full view can actually see the whole mountain.
  2. I have the fun of buying new snow tyres for my Delica, which will not be cheap and then the fun of buying summer tyres next season for it too and they are 18 inch rims. Both sets can probably do one more season, but winter tyres in particular need deep tread to be properly effective and what is left is far from deep.
  3. Was driving at the time so had no idea there was a shaker until I saw on the forum here.
  4. Despite the sunshine we have had too much cloud to see Fuji since last weeks brief climpse, before it most probably got snow on it. Probably bloody melted by now too. I wonder will we ever see Fuji again this year.....
  5. Bottomless..... Sun meadows here in Yamanashi last year.....lol.
  6. You missed a few, mum, dad and nun are also the same when read backwards.
  7. Mostly cloudy here today, but bright and occasional sunny spells.
  8. Whether or not that is a good deal I dont know, but from averaging just over 10000 yen a month 7200 seems quite reasonable to me.
  9. As much as possible I try to use the small roads rather than for example route 20, not always possible of course. In general I find car drivers do give me a large birth when they overtake me and even sit behind waiting for the on coming cars to clear before coming past. Truck drivers tend not to give much space though. Compared to the UK car drivers have a lot more respect for cyclist here I find. Of course their are always a few arse holes, which you will get anywhere. But then I dont commute busy routes everyday, I am just a pleasure cyclist so I can choose my routes, everyday commuting
  10. As I mentioned in an earlier post I changed my data plan from 7 to 2GBytes a month and then went for the talk all you want , brought my monthly bill down by 3000.
  11. Haha, no im sure it wouldn't, but I enjoyed my ride and will try to improve on my times and average bit by bit. Hopefully eventually get up to 25k/h average for mountain roads and 30 plus for flat terrain, even if I dont get there I can have lots of fun trying.
  12. Just got back from an 80k cycle ride to Suwako, was very nice indeed. Took me 4hrs 15mins with a 19.1k/h average speed on all mountain roads except for the little bit of flat around Chino/Suwa. Didnt feel out of breath in the slightest and could have easily gone further, lungs wise, legs not so sure, had some points where I got a bit of leg burn, but I just kind of cycled through that then was ok. Nothing as much as I was expecting though. I need a few more runs though to get my legs more used to the hills. I thought I did well, probably that was a rubbish effort compared to some of
  13. A lovely but bit windy morning, the sun is out, cool temps but warm in the sun, just right for a nice bike ride. Thinking to go to Suwa and back for a bike ride today.
  14. Another cold start with temps going down to single digits again, but warming up to high teens or low 20 maybe today. On the way to Tama zoo today, for a special event, hopefully the weather behaves.
  15. It's all available on the 'NOAH' site. Don't bother though snowdude. You aren't interested in science or facts. You're like the religious. You happily live in your little bubble of delusion devoid of any scientific evidence. Should that not be 'NOAA'? And have you noticed how NOAA only picks a few hotter than usual spots and then say the world is warming. They do not mention anything about all the places that are cooler and wetter than usual. Why have they not memtioned Japan for one, Japan has been much wetter and cooler throughout the summer and continues to be so this month.
  16. Yep currently -2.3oC and was only a high of o.8 today. Supposed to be clear here tomorrow so if so hopefully can see.
  17. The thunder and rain stopped around 7pm, clear sky out at the moment, and actually needed a coat on when I walked my dogs it is cold out. 12oC with a brisk NW wind. Even though here is highland area and is a cold area, it is rather cold for the time of year.
  18. GN I am still waiting for you to post a link to that bs data you posted ealier. You like to run your mouth, but can never provide any details of were you get your info from, now why is that?
  19. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Oh by the way can you post a link to the page you got that data from, I want to see?
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