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  1. Originally Posted By: thursday the other one is full of pics of naked women. For paid up members only. There was pics of a Thursday naked too. Exhibitionist! I was scarred forever, I've never been back...
  2. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver Originally Posted By: kokodoko i prefer figjam. how many am i now¿ i should waste more time on the internet cool, upside down question marks!! puÉlÉÇz ÊÇu ɯoɹɟ ɯÇɥʇ ʇÇƃ uÉÉ” noÊŽ
  3. Originally Posted By: brit-gob I found this thread to be particularly useful actually. Why?
  4. But today was defo Beautiful, hot and sunny.
  5. He's lying! It's far kinkier than that...
  6. We are having some awesome days interspersed with crappy cold and damp ones. It needs to make up it's mind.
  7. Yeah Koko, picking on JA is my hobby. Hands off!
  8. How well does the tethering work? I imagine it is a bit on the slow side...
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