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  1. is there such "a book that builds your Japanese ability while having fun"? I would like to have one
  2. ..I wish I could read this thread earlier Does drinking lots of water after night-out help preventing hangover?
  3. Quote: Originally posted by Bushpig: 8??!!?? I got 0! Aww, Bushpig, have you ever seen woman's breats? Try this one then http://www.pimpworks.org/BreastTest1.xls I've got 18 of 20 ..looks like I'm a real expert
  4. Hey, connoisseurs of woman's breast, as noone wants to show you theirs boobs, check this: http://www.playboy.com/breasttest/ for me it's 8 of 12 - "should spent more time checking out women's chests" and some more tits for you http://www.playboy.com/sex/features/breasttest5/
  5. Like Jodie Foster as weel, great actress! saw "FlightPlan" this weekend and quite enjoyed it, couldn't guess till the end.
  6. Hey ppl, does anyone know is there a train from Niseko straight to Hakodate or should you go through Sapporo and then to Hakodate? Thx
  7. what is the difference between oldfashioned and present-day sausage roll?
  8. Oh yes, Brad Pitt is so damn hot .. there is no problem for me to say: "she is sexy/hot.." with the meaning that I find her saxually appealing not only for men and for me as well.
  9. Free for me, company provide to us nice gym and soon pool should be opened (yay). Trying to exercise regularly, though in winter feel more lazy and do it rarely. Still do some yoga, 2-3 times go to gym, summer time it's jogging and mountain bike.
  10. nah, don't like such sausages, prefer fresh ones
  11. No, the are not, they look more English to me ..Russians rarely smoke cigars, and the leaves near carrot (don't know the name for it), I think it's traditional english(?) decoration?
  12. Was boarding this evening with one British mate on the slope and night skiing was so much fun until he fell down and hurt his shoulder quite seriously, just now called his girlfriend and at hospital they said he broke his clavicle..so, there is not so much fun breaking your body parts.
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