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  1. I have too many game consoles laying around, I dont need two and half 360's in my house. I have the spare Japanese xbox 360 with a wireless controller. The console is compatible with many region free games from around the world. It does not have a hard drive, power / video cables, so its going for cheap since the buyer will have to purchase them either online, or get them from a friend / other source. I have the following 7 games to go along with it. Chromehounds Perfect dark Ridge racer Dead or alive Ninety nine nights Bomberman act zero Tetris Grand master
  2. Depending on what your looking for, Isohunt.com, Thepiratebay.org, and RevolutionTT.net are excellent along with the bittorrent client Azureus for PC/MAC. RevolutionTT is an invite only service so you need to be reffered from an existing user. I have 3 invites that I can give up if anyone wants one. Constantly updated with new items from many categories and easy to navigate. You need to stay active with the site since they kick off both dormant users and also HIT and RUN users. I use it for my xbox360 needs and movies all the time.
  3. Cheapest way is to design the sticker you want with whatever paint / editing program and then go to a local p/c shop and look for printer sticker film. Can be found primarly in white and clear. Print on a laser inkjet. You can also design it and take it to a DTP (desktop publishing) place and ask them to print it off for you. May cost more though. Stay away from bubble inkjet printers since the quality and durabilty will only last for a short time especially if you plan to use it on something that will either be in the sun alot or come in contact with other items. I.E. snowboards. The d
  4. I have a modified (can explain more over the phone)ps2 for sale with misc controllers memory cards etc. Practically new with less then about 1 week of play on it. Laser is strong, like new condition. Can play games from any region of the world. I do have games that can be saved to the hard-drive and played from there. give me a call 080-5143-4932. FRANK
  5. Surfed the net and found this. www.grafsnowboards.com Looks interesting. Just would not know where to buy supplies within Japan. Im a total hobbyist. Might give it a crack someday.
  6. forgot to mention since I have been here for a bit. You can get a sort of vistors train pass which may be cheaper in the long run depending on your situation. Most travel agents can help with this option. You pay a flat rate and can ride the bullet train and public trains "x" amount of times for a time limit (I.E. 1month). Usually depends on how often your going to use them. May be cheaper then spending the cash here for individual tickets. From nagano to Tokyo one way is around 7000 yen or $70 usd apx. Hope it helps. FRANK
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