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  1. rach I am a guy. I would not have sex as long as the lifts are running. That would include night ski.
  2. In Nozawa I had the largest pair that still fitted to snow blades - which were 1 or 2 sizes below my size. And it was worth the pain!
  3. I mean seriously, who in his right mind would have sex during ski season? Certainly not a ski fan!
  4. low pressure lover What's the Hakuba>Narita cost? Any idea? Looks like a taxi service, should be really expensive, right?
  5. Do you buy the tickets in advance or 'as you enter'? There is a link to here: https://www.highwaybus.com - but all in Japanese. And a phone number: 03-5376-2222(9:00-18:00) I hope somebody can help a non-japanese soul!
  6. I booked my hotel near Happa-One/Saka now! We'll stay there January 28-30th. Would be cool to hook up with other parents with English speaking kids in that age range (8+12). English would be best, German can also do.
  7. Quote: Originally posted by SerreChe: Try renting a car with front wheel drive or AWD + 4 snow tyres so that you do not have to carry thoses chains with you every w/e (kind of heavy)... Be carefull, that error can cost you lots of EURO. When there is a "Snow Chains Required" sign, it means exactly that. You have to put them on - even if you have a 4WD. You must put a pair on! Don't get confused by the blue color - it's mandatory! And don't get confused by cars driving without them, often that are 'locals' which have chain exclusions. Here how the sign looks: I suggest NOT to
  8. Important: when you rent the car, ask for snow chains! They are REQUIRED by law on many pass roads and you will get fined if don't put them on when you see the sign. It will be far cheaper to get them from the rental company then buying, or renting them outside. And train to put them on and off once on a dry road. Otherwise, there are plenty of ski areas. I suggest you get a ski guide book.
  9. Oh, how about Happo-One? Is it safe for children? I am not prudish and don't mind. But I worry about the kids.....
  10. May I asked another newby question? Happo-One vs. Goryu - Which one? I guess either is good and it's more of a personal choice, or?
  11. We are going to Hakuba end of January and do my last research here. We will probably stay near Happo-One. My question: Is there a kids or young teenager area? Mine are 8+11. They can ski, but I don't want them to go down the steep slopes. I don't want to look after them all day too. So that Saka area on the lift plan looks very good. Can somebody confirm this. Or has somebody a better suggestion? Jens PS: I am so excited!
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