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  1. NZ queenstown region hasnt had much snow a few cm, its cold so some resorts have been snowmaking... MT Hutts looking very nice tho...
  2. yeh last season was one of their worst seasons ever! heres some pics, early july
  3. Southern Lakes region of NZ south island has just had a dump and forecasts show that it might stay around. . . 40cm's yeh looks good, hopefully itll be a godd season for them
  4. Hey change of subject slightly. Just wanting to know what brands, mixture of, you would get when buying board, binding, boots package, "The perfect setup"... So when i do go to upgrade later, i have some more knowledge on what to get cheers
  5. ok, cant take the inners out???? My mates malamutes you could. Were you talkin bout the fusion series???
  6. hey montoya, hmmm wondering if there is any way i could get my hands on that Powder Guide issue, sounds interesting... By the way how do you post pictures?? (in forums)Ive already searched the site but i cant find how. Thanks
  7. Hey peaker, i know exactly what you mean by these "ausies", i actually feel sorry for all the people who have had to put up with what some of them have done, (no offense to fellow aussies who have had respect and behaved them selves)but those who have, should be ashamed, because they are ruining it for the rest of us. There is a good article on this in the Ozzy/NZ snowboard mag, issue 2 or 3 i think...., i myself havent done alot of hiking, BC of Remarks in NZ & Falls creek and Hotham in Australia, and would say that im am not very experienced, my mates have done a fair bit of BC throughou
  8. Montoya, my friend has got a pair of malamutes (size US10)and even though they wouldn't fit in my bindings (too wide) i noticed that they had a LOT smaller outer shell, even tho my youngbloods are 10.5's. Yer i ve asked a few ppl latley and it seems that salomons do have nice boots (small outer shell)
  9. Thanks montoya By the way, what is the perfect fit for snowboard boots? Cheers
  10. thanks sava, by the why the "group" (10 was an estimate) most have already been to niseko, and have knowledge of BC and equipment. We are not stupid, espicially when our lives are at risk. how did you guys get onto the topic of me gettin equipment & guides??? No offense..honest Thanks
  11. I know it doesn't really matter when riding pow, but i was wonder how much boot overhang is to much on ur board. Ive got about 3cm on my toe and about 3.5-4cm on my heel. ive got an angle (not stance,ground, edge of board to the most protruding point of boot)of just under 60 dgres each side. Ive got a waist width of 25.0cm and i ve got forum youngblood boots size US 10.5, but are tiny bit o big (bought on tha net, scared of gettin to small, im usually a us10 in most other thing)the boots are fairly "chunky" tho *WHat brands are known for having a small outer shell, and if ne one has got s
  12. yer....im loving the 2 and 3 word responses.... haha whats the BC of rusutsu like???
  13. yer....im loning the 2 and 3 word responses.... haha whats the BC of rusutsu like???
  14. Thanks for all the info so far!!!! Im going to the "niseko" region next year for a cuppla a weeks, where should i go snowboarding, there will be a group of about 10, and i wouldn't mind doin some hiking. Cheers
  15. im not fussy, ill be happy with almost anything. Did you have any ideas? How good do you have to be to become a ski instuctor? Would that be good? On or off the mountain ill be happy as long as im able to spend a bit of time riding.
  16. hey everyone. I know you guys probly wont want to talk bout this (crowd things out even more), but i was just wondering if you could fill me in on where some great, uncrowded resorts around the sapporo region are, also not to far from niseko and rusutsu. P.S. I know niseko has gotten very popular especially with us aussies, but ive heard rusutsu is a lot less crowded, is that true. P.P.S Are there many backpackers hostels around this region, if so could you give names P.P.S I have been thinking about in a few years time, spending a cuppla years in Japan, Hokkaido, just wondering what
  17. Hey, I have a few mates planning a trip to Niseko in 'O7, just wondering if this would be the cheapest place to go snowboarding. Last time my friends went they booked with www.snowave.com. JUst wondering where the cheapest place to stay would be. Resorts, accomadation, good snow packages, (if known)anything would be greatly appreciated. By the way im from Perth West Australia Thanks
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