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  1. The Nagano area may just have all the qualities you are looking for. Good access from Tokyo too.
  2. Try the backpacker places listed on snow japan. They may hire casual help staff for the season. That way u can woork and board together. Money may be small but includes your accomodation.
  3. There must b good hills and snow in Russia ??? Anyone like vodka ?
  4. The story of Niseko is not unlike what happened to the magical waves of Bali. After being discovered by Aussies, it was soon marketed and built upon. Bali has always been a place for young aussies to go and party. It seems Niseko is the winter version of Bali. But for those who seek adventure, the returns are great. Maybe we should let niseko be and challenge ourselves to find something new. There is much more to Japan than Niseko Hirafu.
  5. Please post your tips for driving in snow and in snow cities (e.g Sapporo). Any tips for maintaining a car in sub zero temps would also be great !!
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