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  1. does anyone know if there is any sort of national or regional forecast association in japan. like the caa, or the many state opperated associations in the usa?
  2. yes do tell, where are you heading durring the summer season? north?
  3. drag toque, can't make it on sunday, i'm takin a bus up from nagoya and i have already bought the ticket. sort of the problem when you have no car i suppose. but don't thrash all the pow pow. leave me a little for the next day. stay safe.
  4. hello all i'm going to be in hakkuba this weekend (sunday and monday) is anyone else? i'm going to ski goryu on sunday and tsugaike kogen on monday. will anybody be around? will anyone spare some info on big lines in bounds? or even better, will anyone with gear and know how be willing to let me tag along. (i have all my stuff) see ya
  5. i'm moving up to sendai at the end of next month. is there any one on the forum from that area? are there any "zaoists" here? how does that area shape up by that time of year? does anyone hit up gassan?
  6. hey, i'm planning a long weekend trip on the 20-23 of this month. will anybody be around? any suggestions? i was thinking either hakuba, nozawa, or arai. what are people's opinions, which one has the most challanging/interesting terrian. if anyone will be there at that time and has a desire meet let me know. plus if anyone wnats to tour, i have my gear here in japan now. can't promise i will be fit though. lata
  7. this is my problem. i know that there must be exciting terrian out there. where is it? i'm living in nagoya, been skiing in happo and have not had the chance to venture much beyond that. is hakuba 47 better? what about nozawa, or aiwa? is there anywhere in gifu that can deliver a spanking?
  8. so, after skiing a couple times here in this fine country i have noticed a few things. we get a lot of snow. yeah! but the areas are rather tame. aside from backcountry, which is by its very nature is high consequence travel, is there anywhere in japan that has in bounds high risk terrian? the backcountry/slackcountry in this country looks fantastic but, that requires a crew of competent people and skiing alone just doesn't allow that. powder is fun, but how fun can it really be on a 20 degree slope? where are the goods?
  9. the biggest selling feature to this potential resort is reve's infastructure. it unlike so many quite little towns is capable of dealing with (to an extent) the rise in traffic to the area. in fact much of the town is embracing the potential change. and as fattwins has pointed out, kamloops has an international airport. hence the train connection between calgary and kamloops. as far a backcountry access, yes. lots. so much you cannot possible comprehend it. and to top it off it is less then an hour from roger's pass! so, if the resort does come to fruition then the area of the selkirks a
  10. does any one have any size 27.5 boots for sale? or does any one know of anywhere to get high quality boots in the nagoya area?
  11. i haven't read the article, but has makenzie cat skiing sold the property? that resort has been in consideration for many years but the cat skiing op is not willing to sell some crutial land. and it is understandable, the new resort will kill the operation. but last i heard was that they were simply waiting for someone to cough up money for the ruduculous price. the other big issue with revy much like golden, is that there is no real way of getting masses of people into the area with ease. however there is talk of a new cp rail line that will connect calgary with kamloops in the winter much
  12. any idea on who this mad man is? a regular, or a newbie making a break on the scene?
  13. the biggest issue that no one seems to be addressing, is where in bc do you intend to go? clothing for whistler is much different then say golden, or powder keg, or nelson. it gets cold in the interior and you won't ever really have to worry about rain, where as whistler certainly and sometimes nelson do get the occasional shower. fernie on the other hand gets
  14. so, on the topic of quivers, how have you folks shipped your gear over here? particularly the canadian folks. as for now canada post won't ship em and UPS is ridiculously priced. any suggestions?
  15. serre chevalier is wicked, and huge, and relatively off the radar. and also when it gets snow, it is wonderfully dry unlike much of the alps. for sheer mass, the porte du solie circut in france and switzerland is quite impressive. and once again, not as busy as other massive resorts. but like serre che states, the french and swiss certainly all know of these places so they can get crowded on the school holidays. best i skied was verbier. but pricey.
  16. thanx everyone. toque, i was in golden last winter, spent four years in banff before that. what are the crowds like in gifu? are you and a few other gaigen the only ones rippin pow, or has it caught on there? are you aqua toque from biglines.com? has anyone been up to hokkaido? or northern honshu?
  17. so i have just moved to nagoya, does anyones else live here? if so where are the best places to ride aside from the ever so typical answer, "take the night bus to nagano" what is the riding like in the area, and where are the best places to go. pow pow particularly, then (pardon the expression) as much gnar as possible if at all. is it available in the area? does anyone tour? lata, thanx
  18. this helps a lot, and is a welcoming response. thanx a lot. can't wait to get there.
  19. hello, i just joined the forum, and, i will be soon leaving golden bc and moving to japan to spend at least a year teaching esl. i have been asked to be placed in sapporo but of course do not know where i will be until the exact moment. so i have few question to ask the snow community. if of course you are all willing to help me out with my ponderings. where are the best places to go? now of course this question is highly subjective so let me quantify it, where is the best snow, north island and south island? what areas have the best terrian? (for expert big mountain/super chill
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