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  1.  Quote:

    It will be really great if lots of people do the same for other resorts in Japan so that I can visualise them all.
    We think so too janjan and apart from letting everyone easily create their own photo galleries, that was one of the main things we were hoping for when we were developing that new section.

    It's looking good so far I think, keep them coming everyone \:\)

    Nice pics of Kandatsu!
  2. Hi RockyV - good to hear you had a good time.


    About links to your own Photo Gallery. If a user clicks on the link you put in the thread above, they will go to their own photo gallery (or the login page if they are not logged in).


    At the bottom of your own Gallery you will see this:



    To Send this link to your friends click here

    The unique address of this page for other people to see is as follows:




    Use either of those methods to tell people directly about your own Gallery.


    Hope that helps!



  3. Hi RockyV


    Their site seems to be saying that "early ski" will set you back 3,900 yen for the day.




    The road over from Gunma to Shiga Kogen will be closed for the winter from 1pm today, so you won't be able to get over from that way (ie. you'll have to approach the area from Yamanouchi town).


    Have a good time. And remember to take some pics \:\)

  4. Thanks montoya. Yes, that page is very complex (display/coding wise) and it's a really big job every year deciding what goes on there and how to present it all in what we think is the best way we can.


    One thing to point out - the weather/snow depth info is due to start towards the end of November (so that is why at the moment the snow depth charts are empty and showing the last update as June).

  5. Just for your info, we have just got permission to add that Yotei webcam to our own Now! page (as well as the SJ webcam center - the Annupuri one is already on there) - and we hope to have that updated by the end of tomorrow.


    (And if you ever know of any good webcams that are not already on our site but you think would be a good addition, then please do email us with the info and we will see what we can do. Thanks!)

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