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  1. Short term memory hey deebee!! thats right NIGHT CLUBS... woopies!
  2. hey all, im full od questions arent i! I was just wonder whats with the japanese game shows the endurance ones ?? Were guys have canon balls shot at their bottoms while climbing a pole... and were they have crabs bit them... and were they swim in like -40 water and see who can last the longest... and were they drink ltrs and ltrs of beer and see who can last the longest with out weeing?? Whats with that?? i find it rather odd... is it all for real? mmm.... Curious Sam
  3. Had 1 ear (the nobby bit at the front of ya ear) 2 eyebrow 1 nipple 1 tounge Has 1 ear (some as above!) 1 eyebrow (other one grew out) 1 nipple and 5 tats. all i have is belly button, ears (normal) and top of one ear!
  4. Deebee!! i dont think drew needs to get his nose pierced he already has had 5 things pierced!!! sammo
  5. Hey mogski. the 32 MB SD card 3080 Yen works out to be $45 AUD i can get the same 32 MB SD card in australia for $71.00 AUD What a joke hey nearly double! think i'll wait till i arrive ova in japan to get some more memory cards! Ta dude
  6. i'll give ya a heavy metal club.... 5 IRON! im gonna pay for that one hey! MUWAH
  7. 1 cocker spaniel (dog) "Spencer" hes 1... an absolute freak show of a dog just ask drew! 2 peach faced love birds "Dusty and Speckals" 1 4ft fish tank with 13 chilcards in it... 1 2ft fish tank with 5 fishies... 4 fish ponds outside (big ones) with Koi and Gold fishies! we have an mini farm! the love of having a big back yard...
  8. mmm... I just won a backpack thats a STM laptop back pak, wen its on u cant even tell theres a lappy in there my (our) laptops are soo light its not a hassle to even take it with us... so i think that i need to use the $119 bag i just won (online), and take the lappy with me... simple as that.
  9. MOGSKI! your a champion. thanks heaps for find that out for me...! yeah its the SD card. thats the one... ( i had a mind blank when i was replying b4) Now all i have to do is work out the conversion! thanks heaps dude... i'll let ya know how much they are here just for interest sake. Ta dude
  10. Yea, i been to HK for a few days on a trip to Malaysia as well.. Hong Kong was nice and busy!! i was bout 12 at the time it was a pretty intimidating city.... and the AIRPORT!! hows the FLYING IN TO BUILDINGS! argh... glad i wasnt scard of flying!
  11. mogski, its a panasonic NV-GS5 they take multimedia cards. the 16mb i think are bout 70$??? not sure (australian that is) i wanna get a nother battyer too..
  12. Higuma, That was a passing thought yes... but then i potential of not being able to find the correct one scared me!! im still in 2 minds bout it all!
  13. There is no differance with any of them... they are abreviations of ..... "The United States of America" aka. -the States -US -USA -America -United States So on and so forth, makes no differance with when you use them or anything! Caio
  14. enderzero, you to the right idea! The stacking with a camera, well.... i donno but i bout anyone else but i havent fallen on my tits yet! i have stacked hard on my ass! and a bit on my knees and used my arms to break a fall (hence the reason i wear wristies) using a pack is a good idea mogski, you have the right idea as well! but unfortualty i cant afford anymore than one 8mb card! so i think i'll have to take my puter with me cause that way i can just deal with them ova there, it woould be kinda nice to c what you have snapped thru the day.... even if i dont send them h
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! happy birthday to you! happy birthday too DEEEBEEE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!
  16. what do u mean! y dont u just take ya puter with ya its not very heavy and they are very slim! It must be pretty handy to be able to download ur pics and re-use ur memory card in ya camera yea??
  17. my lappy dosent havet a CDRW... even if we dont have internet connection i think i will still take my lappy cause then i can download all the images and DV footage to the computer at night so i can reuse the card or film the next day other wise it will be too expensive for me to get more memory sticks... i need to by another battery but i'd rather not spend anymore on memory i have an 8mb card which stores mpegs an jpgs a fair few like 40 jpgs goodish quality so i would fill that pretty quick.... i mean i would have a normal camera with film to but i donno....!!! whats the nig
  18. i hope were not related! snowboard freak (drew) is my man! and there for im his girl... hence the name! ! !
  19. hehe thank mogski!!! but the thing is.... our lappys only weigh bout 2 kg's they are the titanium g4 powwebooks.... the mac silver machine!!! ya dags!
  20. truth be told, u havent been to sydney hey?? theres nothing wrong with its name!! its a beautiful city everyones layed back and cruisy, theres unreal beaches and were bout 5 hour drive from the snow in winter and its just awsome we have the habour bridge and the opera house we have awsome sports facitiltys from the olympics its such a pretty city it really is! If you have surfed or sunbaked at one of our beachs, if youd shoped in the city or at the local mall, if youd climbed the harbor brigde of seen a play at the opera house, if youd caught a ferry accross the harbor....
  21. mogski, thats what i figured... i got kinda concerned when they were saying DV cams wont work etc. cause i just spent $1600 on one! that take stills too.... i was planing on riding with it under my jacket there for its close to warmth and body heat so it should be ok hey? i dont quite know what to do bout the internet thing, do the internet cafes if there are any do they allow you to connect ya lappy up to there network? i know they dont let people do that here in Auss? mmm...?
  22. It eat vego tempura! if they dont have that then i stuffed! i live on vego spring rolls (dont know it thats japanese of chinese origin?) and vego tempura. Ummo... mmm.... i might convert for 2 weeks!? sushi with vegies in it or avacado? im not to fond of sushi the whole seaweed and rice this makes me squarm, but i will try it when we arrive... 11th jan! YAY! on 95 days to go!
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