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  1. Mudguts, thats what i figured too... i mean i have never been to either but we chose to go to Niseko ova canada next year... who cares bout all the fancy pancy stuff if theres more snow in niseko then y is whistler better??? fresh deep powder everyday would have to win hands down.!? mmm....
  2. ok danz i know they were made for skiing.... snowboard boots were designed for snowboarding.... the difference is snowboards can walk in their boots and not feel like robocop... not only are the snowboard boots good for boarding but they are good for walking and treking.... just a boards-point-of-view answer!
  3. scouser .... mittens dont have fingers just a thumb and all ya fingers are in one bit..... gloves are have a "slot" for each finger.... and thumb....! no wool at all.
  4. How Dare ya DIS VEGIMITE!? its the boom... only an real Aussie would appreciate the Vegimite!! ya just cant go past hot toast nice and crunchy on the out side and soft in the middle with margarine melted all over the top with vegimite spread over the margarine! oohhh... thats it im going to have some TOAST!
  5. what do u mean mittens get wet?? mmm..... mine dont unless i dig a hole in the snow and stick my hand in to it for a while.... they have waterproof material on the back of the hand and like a grippy bit ova ya palm and fingies! mmm... i like mittens then your fingers can keep eachother warm were gloves you only have the material to keep your phingers warm.... just a thought??
  6. mmm... heres my VIEWING difference... have u ever just sat and eatten lunch and watch the skiers walk in there hard plastic boots??? if ya as me its pretty funny.... you watch a snowboarder walk and they look like normal people walking.... nothing to laugh about cause they got the right idea... mmm.... just somthing i have noticed!
  7. k im going to be a dumb one... whats a j-resort? mmm.... i bet u havent ever riden a "T" bar....!
  8. whats the deal boo?! are u a cool snowboard too? nice to meet u im sam (snowboard_freaks_girl) aka. the girl with to much time on her hands apprently... according to some members!!!
  9. good idea ocean11! vote on the number not near or around! im smack in the 18-23..... 20 i am...!
  10. mmm.... raw egg i dont think i could ever do that! EVER EVER! to slimmy and icky makes my tummy turn!! VEGIMITE on toast (white bread only!) no coffee YUCKO! mmm...? so bread i can come by bread in japan!?
  11. Hiya all... Ok here in Aus we tend to have Vegimite on Toast or Weetbix (stereotypically).... I love my vegimite toast... What do you eat for breakfast in Japan? Sam *a wimpering little girl who will miss her vegimite!*
  12. mmm... Uni wasnt for me! i didnt want the 3 year commitment thing.... Heres how it goes.... this is how a student has a G4 tit and and imac and Dig cam... if it works for ya follow these foot steps! *what a **** hey!* nar i left school worked part time 5mths then did a 10mth graphic design course worked in GD for 7mths full time hated my work enviroment bought a G4 tit with pay went to Thailand came home decided to study, at tafe learning multimedia while working part time on good casual pay and spending my excess *cough* all my money on DV cams and saving for Japan!
  13. yumm... what desserts do you have in japan im looking foward to authentic japanese food! I guess its not the same as the japanese food in australia?? mmm... dessert.
  14. ph man u cant go past hot popcorn and hot chocolate for a snack!! or a cup-a-soup.... mmm... warms ya belly all nice! the best winter meal would have to be a roast dinner....
  15. mmm.... last days of heat were weeks ago ova here!! mmm... i guess i dont count in this convo cause im in opp. seasons!! we had a 34 degree day 2 days ago! it was a skorcher!
  16. havent heard of them no doubt drew will have he'll be back later.... mmm.... open mic nights along with karaoke nights scare me... amature singers really hear your ears specially when they are Drunk as a skunk!
  17. rach.... were u a goth hey?? mmm... i never got in to gothic stuff.... i never go in the heavy metal im a punk girlie!
  18. Wow deebee that looks UNREAL! ya lucky bugga! i went to switzerland in 1997 we travelled around europe so i didnt get to it the mountains... the chocolate man.... go there just for the chocolate!!! its the best chocolate in the whole entire world! Do it ,.... just do it! its a really beautiful place!
  19. Work Smork! Go back to studying... its heaps easier! bar the money factor.. mind u im a broke student and im still managing to come to japan in january! casual pay is much more enticing!! Assigments can be pretty stressful...
  20. Do japanese listen to English Music or do they have like the popular Japanese bands too?? I know here in Aus most people listen to American mostly, American bands...?? mmm... i cant imagine punk or metal in japanese its to much of a nice language... ie... german metal and english metal can get really growly and mean sounds very intense...!
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