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  1. after all that chit chat i hope you have a good solution danz.... im off to seek Yoda!
  2. Would have been good but drew and i arent there until the 12th january.... anyone else there around then give me a yell or drew!
  3. the only reason drew and i are coming from down under is for the snow! i mean its a bonus that its an exciting country but the main attraction is snow oh and TOKYO DISNEYLAND!..... nice bonus!
  4. flow arent step in like K2's with the metal bars and clickers.... they are like strap ins but instead of fiddling with thestraps at the front evertime you get off a lift you just put your foot in to the binding and click the back up.... check it out.... flow bindings - not flow site they are on the 3rd page of the gallery with lots of difffernt views...! ENJOY
  5. y was this on the second page of the forum? whats with all the polls being together? i dont get it!
  6. with macs you tend not to used your mouse to much theres no going back and forth between mouse and keyboard.... as for you wheel, what bout your page up and page down or your arrow keys i asure you, that you could a-climatise your self to use them if you really wanted too!!! MAC v PC is like the argument with CHRISTIAN v SATAN (or somoen that dsont believe in "god!") its a never ending battle! as for me im a MAC SATAN! i dont dis pc's and i dont dis christians!
  7. cheeseman puts a tasty treat in random threads!
  8. yeah that sucked!!! i looked like a fool who kept **** eveything!!!!
  9. pudding is awful.... i donno never been an aussie thing i grew up with jelly and icecream for dessert not pudding... pudding is a christmas thing over here and even then you gotta be game! im all for cakes and jelly and custard (cold in a cup ya drink it... drew knows what im on about) but no pudding for me...! its and AWUIRED taste thats 4 sure!
  10. ah huh..... so pringles are not known as "Crisps"? good good! yummo... i want some chips.... (KFC CHIPS!)
  11. meh you never use the "middle" button on those gay 3 button mice anyways! whats the point.... Miff, im glad to see that the prettieness was a factor in your choice! how much nicer are they fully! mmm... i might invest in an ipod i'd love one but at the mo the flight to japan is more important! you in OSX or OSX.2??
  12. I went down twice...... i was pretty good there was some good days and towards the last month some shockers.... they (the media) said that it was the best season for 7 years!! it was pretty good!
  13. flow are step in i know lots of people what wear other boots with flow bindings flow are pretty popular in australia and can be hard to get.... but because the front is adjustable and the back i adjustable too..... from what i have heard burton is just best fit with burton bindings although yes im sure the boots would fit in to step ins...
  14. Its AWSOME hey! drew and i just sat in the snow at the top of plesant valley and just took it in.... MUWAH! I LOVE IT!
  15. Quote: but other than step ins, most boots are compatible with strap in bindings right? technially yes, but the way the flow bindings are they have a panel at the front you click in and dont touch and you flick the back up and your off.... but the way the plastic back flick thingi is made may not suit the curve of say flux boots or rossingal or some other brand... in general every boot should fit every binding yes...... bar burton which i havent seen yet and K2's
  16. i think you should check out this site.... http://www.flow.com/home/ its a pretty impressive site + there are some KICK Asssss boots coming out next season, have a look in the products the links smack in the middle towards the bottom...!! *im glad im not being so heavily censored this time! *
  17. deeb's..... burton is all a scam to make you buy just their product.... you have heard of K2 Clickers? they are boots that dont have bindings they are solid boots with a metal bar on each side of the boot in and out.... they can only be used with K2 clicker "bindings" they are like step ins... they are not very good cayse ya get snow and ice stuck in the clicker.... but burtons bindings and boards have a different sc re w set up to other boards so the standard 8 holes are positioned differently adn they only fit burton bings.... flux and flow bindings fit normal standard boar
  18. **z* 29? mmm... what ** that **? * hav* ** ***a *m a **z* 6 **... what f**t **z* *hart ** y** g*y* ** japa* f****w? th* ** *r th* **r*p*a*? *r * ***** th* *th*r ****!? :***f****: YYYYYYY?????? ** THAT B***G ****R** * ****T *W*AR??????? w h a t * * * * * * w r * * g ? Y a m :ma*: :ma*: :ma*:
  19. I Think newies still come.... im a good example of that! I have been exposed to snowboarding for bout 8 years now beacuse my brother owns a board shop... but it wasnt untill the season (in australia july/august) that i tryed boarding... i have always wanted to but neverbeen able to afford it since its $77 a day pass... i went down 2 times this season and had a ball... hence the reason were going to japan... i cant wait the aussie snow was pretty POO-Sticks! i think that there will be new people but they are starting to get older more independant cause its becoming to e
  20. i have only ever worn flow boots.... are you buying them just to wear in da snow or is it for boarding too? flow boots are really good i havent had any troubles but i have nothing to compare to. my friend bought "vans" boots and had trouble they had funny stitching which rubbed and werent very well made so best not vans!... i'd advise you'd want some with inners cause they tend to be a bit warmer and your foot can mold to them very easily by just taking the inner out an walking around in them... or holding a hair dyer at them and then wearing them... i will be buying boots
  21. i reckon with boots you need to worry most bout being comfortable dont worry about the price you need to be comfortable its sooo important...! maybe go to a shop try a few on rite down the style make and size that you want... then go home surf the net or get the phone book out and see where has the cheapest pair? That way you dont have to go to the shops you know what you would like and your going to get the best price you can get on them by calling or surfing... it might end up being cheaper to import them or somthing? just a thought but remember you cant pay enough for comfort
  22. Awsome! go you good things....! yeah all ears who are the clever other people who are goofy Right handed peopl who beat the odds of the natural myth of right handed = natural! Me me I am !
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