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  1. if your already fit just strech properly befor you go out on the slopes.... but when you get home yes soak in a bath with lavender oil in it (makes u relax) and strech out your muscles in the bath too.... remember to warm down so strech after your done too... helps a lot stops ur muscles from tensing up in one spot and helps them go back to normal...! *believe me i have played catcher in softball for the past 10 years and i know the pain of not streching...!*
  2. boarding hell yes!! man i was killing after my 1st day soo bad i didnt wanna go back! my legs my calves and thighs from going heal side or toe side down a mountain were very very very painful! i had very very very bruised knees and same as ocean i had sore hands and thumbs from breaking my fall... i copped a couple of poundings on my tail bone too... i advise strech really reayll well make sure ur fit and ready for it and by some wristguards!
  3. "you sound like my mommy after a box of wine" - ralph whigam
  4. videos watch them all the time... work at a video store so we get free rentals... makes life nice... and going to the cinema only if theres somthing really work $12 on! which is rare otherwise we just wait for the preview tapes at work!! (we get titles couple of mths befor they come out!)
  5. yeah i'd be up for the beach option... i love living near the beach its kick ass... you can always go to the snow if ya wanna but u only go in winter anyways so go to the beach and head back to da snow for a break.... !? beach is good..
  6. deebee that SUCKS ASS! man thats a killer... i'd be soooo angry if that happen to me i cant imagine how ur feeling... dont blame yourself hey its not ur fault u didnt make the steal it, its the theives that have no life or repect for anyone.... did you have anything insured? sorry 2 hear man!
  7. Quote: i get cramps on the bridge of my foot when i snowboard and its really painful. it also happens when i walk in some shoes [ie etnies lo cut II] yeah i get that.... it tends to be when im cold... the arch of my foot is a killer i donno what that is caused from but i know what your talking bout it makes you kinda wanna scrunch your toes up when you walk? i get cramps in my calves when i board if im not warm or havent streched or if im going toe or heal side for too long.... if you strech properly befor you go out it helps!
  8. i'd love to paint my own that would be kick ass.. but can u do that?? hey what do all your boards look like?? colourful bases or just plain what piccy on top etc!? do tell! mmm...
  9. skint? i gather thats broke? that sucks.... i dont like broke... DOH! nite 4 today!
  10. i still cant go past apple pie! yumm with icecream! oh... yummo
  11. That is a very funky board! i like boards with nice bright bases..... a palmer sells for around $1000 AUD or there abouts thats mid range price.... my bro owns a boards shop so im sweet with that.... there are bright red bindings from flow they would look sick with ur board... http://www.flow.com/products/bindings/ check it out! nice an red!
  12. im a step a head of ya! already eatten saltand vingar chips just a tic a go!
  13. i have ridden a 155 and a 147 so im pretty flexable, im 165cm tall and i take size 6US shoe so.... if i want control i should get a short board if i wanna mac it down a mountain a longer one! yeah the 1st one is a chicks board...
  14. yeah i like the first one i do like the 2nd one too i have riden that board before its nice but i have had my eye on the top one for a while this was the other option... i thought i was rather funky! or nice and plain.... mmm....decisions...!
  15. very very valid point! i hadnt noticed how one sided they actually are... i like the 1st one... i fyou look closely theres a silouette of a lady on the pattern on the lower half..... i like it but for a chick to ride with a chick on their baord? mmmm...?
  16. SEASAME STREET animal kicked ass... i liked fuzzy bear too.... mind you i think that shows big bird has gone a long way!
  17. I only have experiance in Australia but my Favourite place is by far Pleasant Valley.... its awsome its soo pretty and its just lovely!
  18. HELL NO! whats the point in believing in somthing thats not real! every religous person i know is a HYPOCRIT if i ever mean a real christain or what ever then i might think bout it but..... you can still ever answer me...."y aarent we all mentally ill or deformed if adam and eve made everyone we'd all be inbread.....!" and "were did dinosaurs come from??" God Smod.... sure can of worms!
  19. i think its interesting but i also think like drew, i dont think i'd try it..... theres a common thing in Australia skiers dont have any respect for boarders and boarders get their boards trashed by incosiderate skiers so therefor boarders dont like skiers!!!! thats a sterotype.... then to combine the 2 would be to have a split personality!! hehahea..... theres a theroy for ya!
  20. mmm.... ok so im going to invest in a board all to myself this season no more hiring.... here are the choices... or or they are all palmers, i want a palmer board but now the pretty choice.... i know im going to get flow bindings so i'll get matching ones (can you tell im a chick!) aheahe... What do you all think...? any advice or thoughts? Also do any of you have board bags?? if so what brand and what do you think of them? - Sammmo
  21. overalls in AussieLand are very very very very Fluro and very very very very 80's they tend to be a skiers thing.... good for a laugh! I have Scott USA jacket and Virgin pants they are pretty funky they are made out of material that looks like denium so looks like baggy jeans.... nice and warm! i rate my jacket but the powder cuff slips up a bit and if i dont tuck it in to my pants i get snow in my but!!!!
  22. i use flow too but what are those classified as? R they step in or Strap on?!?!?!?!? you step in them and click the ankle support but they do have the front click panel....?
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