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  1. Indian Lager and Indian draught,,..nothing beats em!!
  2. live full time in New Dehli,India.. originally from Islamabad.
  3. at least powder_crazed has parents that support him ...peeps u f@#$king poor ass!! i recommend you go "WASH YOUR BUM" ,sparkle it with Mr Sheen then come back to this forum a refreshed puf.. u go powpow!!
  4. didnt know you pulled models 7-11, bet u havent washed your bum in ages
  5. chill man...powder crazed asked a simple question , need to chill, otherwise he will get barred from th site. not any loss though,definetly some losers on hear niseko is just south of Sapporo, about two hours drive depending on the weather. hope this helps
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