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  1. Whats up Ocean? Did you make it to the Andes this summer? taguchi, spend 6 months in South America. Argentina and Chile will keep you busy all that time and more. Mexico has no skiing options. Take care and keep skiing.
  2. With such great news I can´t be away anymore. You´re finally planning a trip to South America! It took a while but it looks like it´s really happening! I´ll be spending my winter in both Argentina and Chile. If anybody hits the Andes this winter (summer) just let me know. Maybe we can make a few turns together. I saw you already mentioned one of the three major companies running guided tours down here. I added more useful links: Guided tours: www.staadventures.com www.powderquest.com www.casatours.com Budget trips: www.stabudgetadventures.com.ar
  3. Southern Hemisphere gets great powder from June to October. It doesn´t actually matters if it´s better than Japan, Us or Europe. Go for the facts: 18 ft. of fresh powder in one month and yesterday we received 9 in. Deep and dry powder.
  4. From June to late August you´ll find the driest and deepest powder. From September to early October expect spring-like conditions. Las Lenas is located in the heart of the Andes, all-above the tree line. Luckily there are no crowds down here, and as locals don´t ski/ride off-piste you will find untracked deep powder for days. You should consider coming down here sometime.
  5. hey oo, the first three are from the Marte chirlift. That chair accesses the back side of the mountain. And the last pic is from the front side. Here two more detailed pictures of Marte and Eduardo´s Couloir. [This message has been edited by camel (edited 26 June 2002).]
  6. For those of you wondering if there is powder down here... 20 ft. in one month! Hope you can ski and ride some Southamerican powder after the World Cup! Go for Marte!! [This message has been edited by camel (edited 26 June 2002).]
  7. Yeah frannyo, skiing in Argentina and Chile is great. I believe no one or just a very little few know about the great resorts we have down here.
  8. It started in Argentina and Chile already... get your gear ready for a great season!
  9. There are two resorts I'd recommend you all. Las Lenas in Argentina and Portillo in Chile. I guess you've heard about this two before... haven't you?? Because of the high altitude these resorts (location: high Andes) receive tons of snow, and specially this year because of "El Nino" (the Pacific gets warmer than usual every 3-4 years creating huge snowfalls up in the mountains). You'll find more challenging terrain than in any other resort in Japan or even USA (more than Whistler and Jackson Hole). And a really good thing about these two areas is the extensive avalanche control syste
  10. Whatever NoFakie.... I´m from Argentina, and I´m trying to introduce all of you to some of the best powder you´ll ever experience. Why don´t you come down here and see it for yourself? Don´t worry, you have to make your own travel arrangements, ok?
  11. Good call Saburo, AltaPatagonia in Bariloche has great views, lakes, etc, but you´ll get better snow in Las Lenas though. About devaluation and inflation... don´t worry, it´s getting cheaper every day. Last year 1 USD = 1 Argentinian peso. Today 1 USD = 2,50 pesos...
  12. Powder is dry & deep like nowhere else. Lots of fun, great people, Argentinian girls! as someone said, it doesn´t get much better than that! A little bit expensive, but definitely worthy.
  13. Hey barok / Ocean 11 No infomercial or nothing like that. It´s just I´m from Argentina. That´s all! Tell me if I´m wrong, but what´s wrong about introducing your home country "goods" to new peolpe?
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