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  1. Peetan it was DiGriz who mention twin room try looking at best available price Correct, the Metro chain is considered 4 star but this Metro is house in the Sepia Tower. The Sepia tower is built using old and new Japanese building methods. Using the old counterweight system used in Japan's centuries old Pagoda and the latest concrete building methods of that time. If it was built to international standards of the same period, it would have collapse on 3/11. That why this particular Hotel is worth a extra star. I was in the Sepia Tower on the 34th food when the .9 quake hit at 2.45pm on the
  2. I assume the word "whole" means a single amount and the word generations is plural which means more then one. Can you used those two word in the same context? I thought my English was bad but I am Australian. What is your excuse and you teach the subject. Perhaps you need censoring and apologise issued then dismiss from trying to teach English. $180 for 5 star accommodation in the middle of Tokyo to most people is a bargain. Compare to other Major Cities for 5 star accommodation you be looking at $450 plus.
  3. If you do change jobs don,t became a pretend Enghish teacher, teaching your bad english to Japanese children.
  4. Nose in Japanese is Hana, Hana also means Flower and it is also used as a japanese girls name. You have the the symbol correct but do you know how to structure a sentence in Kanji. Like Hana has a big nose or What is the cost of akura. Would you understand it. I do not think you can. Why? because you make up shite and your full of it
  5. No I am not winding up. I am Shite at both English and Japanese but I don,t pretend like others
  6. "I kind of wish he was much cleverer" ! Seem like your own language is a challenge for you. It should be "more clever" . Cleverer? is there such a word. Like I said before. You make up Shite and your full of it!!
  7. Do you live in Japan? You don,t know of much about even the simple things that a person would know after living here for the amount of time you say you have. You are a full of it. Shinkansen means Super Express Not New super express. Shi means City. Shinsen na means new or fresh. You just make up shite and your are full of it. Do you live in Japan or just pretend too.
  8. How deep are your pockets and how short are your arms? that right your Scotish
  9. Where's "Shi-Myokokogan", John-San? Still Getting built, You live in Japan, don,t you. How the F%$# do you get around if you don,t know that Shinkansen has a own Platform (Shi) or station. So what would you do if you were to travel to say Yokohama from Tokyo on the Shinkansen. Wait for it to pull up to Yokohama. It won,t . It will pull up at Shi Yokohama and you will end up at Shi Odawara, Tubby !
  10. From $180 a night the Metro is a bargin. It is a 30 meter walks to the elevator (on the 24 floor of the Sepia Towers) from the Nihonbashi entrance (Tokyo Station North entrance) . They will store your bags but why cart your bags around Japan. Black Cat will pick up from your Hakuba Hotel take it to Narita for about $25 per bag. You have to put the frogs in their own room. The room will be very uncomfortable with 4 people
  11. I would start the stint in Takayama (Gifu) because it a good bet that it will rain during the last week of Feb and the first week of March in Hakuba. Nagano Prefecture has great snow other then just Hakuba. Use your skill of Japanese to negotiate deals. Don,t settle for the first price. That time of year the snow industry is very competitive. So It is smart to ask. Use Japanese sreach engines not english for researching for accommodation and travel requirements prior and while in Japan. Your English will come in handy while staying in Hakuba and Niseko. Both places are over run with English s
  12. Hi Little J try this link http://japan-wireles...TYcUaAizd8P8HAQ You get a pocket WiFi with unlimited Data use for $3 a day. The reception is not has good as Softbank or Docomo but reasonable. You can used your FaceTime, Facebook Messager or Skype to call home. You can call any Japan phone number with your credited Skype account even if they are have not downloaded the Skype software. If your Japanese it cost Y 5000 a month with unlimited data use. Also can use up to ten devices so if your in a group you can all use it and share the cost.
  13. This just go to show that my assessment of the at least 15% of australian are bigots is not far off. I see it all the time coming from intelligent people of Australian decent (if you can refer to them as such) to the bogan element. It ingrain in our society and classing ourselves as a multicultural is a bad joke. No apologise will be issued.
  14. If you get to the Happo info centre by 8.00 you catch the first bus to Cortina. There two bus that leave in the arvo 15.20 and 16.40
  15. From Spring 2015 the new Shinkansen line from Nagano to Itogawa will stop at Shi-Myokokogan. This will get you to Myoko ski areas before 9.30am from Tokyo.
  16. Hi Seemore, I was the ANZ doing some business and I queried the money exchange rate on a ANZ VISA Debit card and its is what the market is quoting on that day. What they told you is the about the online rate could be right. I am referring to a ANZ VISA Debit Card and I use the 7 & I Holdings ATM and I get what the market quoted at that day minus the fee.
  17. Hi Seemore. It is not $10 per transaction. It is 2c per $1 so you withdraw Y20,000 the fee your charge would be about Y400 or $4. This is with a ANZ Visa debit card which has a chip. I have a CBA MasterCard with a chip and it will not work with the 7&I holdings ATM. This is due to the CBA for not being aline with 7 & I holding ATM not MasterCard.
  18. We went to up Itogawa and followed the coast west to Ouzo a month ago and we stop at this beach which had a port on the western side. What I was impressed with was the clean state of the beach compared tp Usumi on the east side of the Izu pen where I been living for the last 3 months. But it was a stone beach with no sand at all. The local are so impress with the stone beach they dedicated and stone museum on the foreshore under the new Shinkensen line. I did not see any beach with sandy at all. We should turn right at Itogawa off 148 route. By the way on the way back along 148 I stop at my fa
  19. I would take your child to Minekate and spend a day teaching your child yourself before going into other slope around Hakuba. If you think you would not be able to teach your child you can get a instructor to meet you there. Expensive. The snow sport school at Iimori have great name for teaching young children
  20. Visa card withdrawals fee at 7 & I holding is close to AUD $10.00 per Y50,000 and you get the rate that markets are quoting on that day. So if the official rate is 0.97 that is what you get. With bank fee it works that you get 0.95. By February 2015 the AUD will be close to 0.88 to the yen.
  21. Robin Williams was a great person. He was also a very generous person. He and Christoper Reed (superman) were both in the same actors school and became very close friends. Robin Williams pay for all the costs involved after Reed accident which he could not cover. Robin Williams also give a huge donation to the people of Chirstchuch Earthquake. He was is dept because of two marriages that bleed him dry.
  22. I have been riding around Izu farming area for the last few months and lately I been stopping at stall which are popping up offering the days picking which get knock back buy the local buyers. This produce is knock back because of blemishers or odd shape or is not visional appealing. There is nothing wrong with the produce and prices are less then the local shops. Maybe the same thing is happening you your area Sapporo?
  23. There are laws concerning Human rights and there would be a loophole within these laws to protect these Marriages and Defacto,s Pies. Like they will consider the length of time of partnership and issue a temperary protection visa. This is aim at the people smugglers brokering Marriage for a fee of up to 10,000 pounds stirling to young single male and female with UK citizenship. That why there a monitory factor involved. Like I stated these people are economical refugees and a high percentage have the money to pay people smuggles. There is only a low percentage excepted due to persecution becau
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