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  1. Could you possibly tell me a ball-park figure of how much I should budget for a night please??
  2. yeah been here for a couple months now--loving it Saaaa-weeet! Lookin' forward to it.
  3. I moved here for family and am going snowboarding here just for fun--I want to try some new and different snow. Hmmm, I'd say yes---because all else fails, trek to Whistler/Blackcomb where the snow does not disappoint. The interior usually has killer snow from December until March/April every year though. Plus tickets are cheaper to Canada in the winter.
  4. Hello fellow snowdwellers I'm heading to Ryuoo ski park very soon and would welcome/love any suggestions on decent places to stay for just one person. Meals included is a bonus but not required--really am just looking for some opinions on hotels that people felt were worth the money. Thank you!!
  5. awesome thank you! If I have to go higher up, well I guess that is what I will do! I'm hopin for plenty of snow in the mountains. Let it snow let it snow let it snow!!
  6. Hello all!! I was wondering what the conditions in Nagano region are typically like in March?? Is it super wet snow or are there still some fine days left in that month to shred??? Figuring out the schedule and budget with work so any and all input is greatly appreciated!!
  7. Thank you all for your replies I did check out Dynaland. It's not too bad to get there. I am currently looking for snowboard shops to start picking up my own gear as I prefer to have my own. I am really excited to get out there.
  8. I can't find any reports on current conditions for Dynaland---any chance someone knows where to find them please??
  9. curious as to where you ended up getting your board?? I'm considering buying one while over here---at least boots and am not sure the best way to go.
  10. Hello all! I just moved here from BC to be closer to my family for a bit. I'm super excited to check out the local mountains. Sadly I had to leave The Bullet behind because I needed to bring more clothes because of the cold! I am currently living in Nagoya and want to take several day trips before I take a long weekend trip. Closer would be nice so it's less expensive and I can go more often---living on a teacher's salary Can anyone recommend a great mountain with a rental shop real close by?? Any help would be massively appreciated!! arigato!
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