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  1. I was using Oakley, but switched to Transcend from Zeal. This works great in all weather conditions - fogs, snow, sun shine, etc.
  2. I wear helmets on bicycles and the habit carried over to skis. The peripheral vision is restricted by the goggle, not helmet, so I don't buy the idea that it restricts the awareness. (I guess wearing one that is not snug will be a problem...) The reason that I started wearing helmet on bicycle is that there is still possibility you get run over by careless rider or drivers, and this also applies on slopes. I have spent more than 20 million yen on my brain. I sure don't mind sparing less than one-thousandth of this amount to add more protection to my head.
  3. Hakuba Happo Dec 12 through the end of the season. I will also show up at various places across Nagano and Niigata throughout the season.
  4. That's quite a distance you will be driving. Other than the driving techniques that people have mentioned here, you should be prepared for weather conditions like blizzards and possibility that your car get stuck in deep snow. So pay attention to weather forecast and also you should carry some blankets and food just in case. One of my favorite things in the winter is driving on the snow. It's unreal out there in Hokkaido where everything is white, especially in mountains and rural areas where you don't even see dirt trails of cars. Safe drive and hope you will enjoy the experience.
  5. Biwako Valley is the closest one, but it does not seem like they offer lessons in English, according to their English webpage. Nagano is one of the best places to go skiing, and there are buses that run overnight from Kyoto during the ski season. I highly suggest spending couple days there for the quality of snow.
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