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  1. What size and brand? its BURTON MOTO 11-28.5 boot fitter? do they have it here?
  2. im with the "try it first and buy it online" i think trying it first is CRUCIAL!!!,,,, or u`ll end up like me,,,, mine is slightly 0.5 cm too big for me,,, any suggestion people? liner or anything?
  3. is there any ski resort worth to visit on april? im thinking of Zao, does anyone here, had any experience skiing at zao on april? please do share ur views!!!! thank you!
  4. Originally Posted By: RobBright Actually sounds like you need a lesson in tuning your board to your stance before you take to the slopes again. If you can, find a snowboard shop in Nagoya/Hamamastu area, and they should be able to help you first. If you are feeling uncomfortable when you snowboard, you may never get the confidence to go faster. ok will do bro,,, thx
  5. Originally Posted By: Mr Wiggles If you're scared, your body is going stiffen up and make crashing more inevitable. On a snowboard, this is more far likely going to end up with you sitting down than faceplant. Maybe try straight-lining down a wide beginner run for as long as you can go before feeling the urge to slow down. Or seeing how many ollie jumps you can do in a straight line on the same course before you need to scrub some speed. Obviously watch out for other people and do not do this or any other exercise on forest runs. Practicing small jumps is also good. Learning to land jumps=l
  6. Originally Posted By: Jynxx I think you can go longer. 162, 163 I´m sure you wanna float on Pow. If you are not riding switch or hitting things you might wanna try directional tapered (pin tail) boards. Also these boards have a 1 degree edge bevel that is better on the mountain (ice and stuff) compared to freestyle boards 2~3 degrees which is buttery, catch-less on rails, etc. I´m not a big pusher on new tech, but the feel thst you can get from boards make a BIG difference on you. Your problem and joy is finding that stick you like, haha What R U riding now? my board i
  7. my board is 157,,, i am 181 cm 75 kg,, i dont know much bout board shape though,,,, should i try bigger one? Originally Posted By: Schneebored Try closing your eyes. If you cant see it, it can't hurt you. oh ive experienced it first hand, not exactly eyes closed more like foggy goggle + crazy snowy weather,,,,,it ended up with full body plant,,,
  8. Originally Posted By: Jynxx Like the other´s said. Controlled speed = no cause for fear. So the problem is something specific. What are you on? Ski or Snowboard? If you are on a snowboard, there is a possibility that your snowboard is not stable. ie) too short, too narrow, too much side curve On the technique side, Can you flat run ? (without being on an edge?) Can you stop from going fast? now that make sense,, oh i'm snowboarding,,, flat run without being on edge,,hmm i can? but ive never done it when i think im going fast,,, i always use the edges,, stop from going
  9. to all senior snowboarders skiers bros,,,,, how do you guys handle ur fear when u r going like really fast? cuz im having a bit of trouble here,, whenever i go fast, i got scared > lost my concentration > ....face plant.. thx in advance! cheers!
  10. Skateboard => winter => cold => snowboard => looks similar => give it a go => liked it => snowboard fever....
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