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  1. Thank's rob, i'm just looking on http://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/english/ :D:D
  2. Thank's Rob:D I'll arrive in Osaka and spend my 2 first day there, after we'll go to niseko for some days and we're thinking to go or teine (or some other mountain near sapporo) or in asahikawa area. Mhmmm takybubin is only for journey trip? or i can use oneway only if you know?
  3. Hi All, in another topic i've say that i'll come for my first japan snowtrip. I've buy air ticket with a StarAlliance partner and i can benefit the regional discount fares for japan area(near 10000Y per person + tax, one way). Looking various lowcost jp airlines i've see that with skymark the price are veryvery cheap if you can book exactly 2 months ago your trip. It's a good price but on website i've read the limit of 15kg for bagagge and extra cost for sport luggage. I've also see that on website (english website) there aren't prices for extrabagagge/extra-kg and there are only
  4. 2alpes opening (france), saasfee with some pow (swiss) and 1 month of test material (ski-snowboard), val senales glacier open last week (italy), Stelvio is open until the end of october (italy) then close since may for enough snow.
  5. ok, i'm reading good about this hotel group http://chuogroup.jp/en/hotel/ specially on mokado (cheaper and position) and chuo OASIS (cheap, position, room). Any experience? Any board on this hotel? What's the best compromise on position/price for you?
  6. shure i'll do when i've a consistent list, i don't think is a good idea to make a questions every accomodation i've find
  7. Originally Posted By: Jynxx The place JA stayed in Kyoto, I would check it out myself. Do what most people will say on any forum - search function And I'd rather have JA or Minty who were there recently tell Giogio what they reckon is a good days schedule. Some people have their own interests. Part of my ancestry : temple carpenters, so I'm interested in timber structure. Ni-joh castle has a hallway that squeaks - security alarm - I had to duck under to have a look at it. Plenty of ancient carpentry, buddist woodcarvings. A day is not enough. Maybe, you are interested in martial arts.
  8. Originally Posted By: roscoe Have been keeping an eye on this thread as we have 3 days in Osaka to explore before we head up to Hakuba.Universal studio's is on the list.still trying to sort out accomadation and so many other things to see. Keep up the good info please Jynnx. hi roscoe, i'm doing the same thing. for now i've find universal port hotel that's a very cool hotel and very cheaper, i've enqurry for the end of january and for a 4 room with bathroom we'll pay 30€ day/person. For accomodation i'll continue looking and i hope to post a list of place/zone/price.
  9. Originally Posted By: thursday yeah, but why he want to do that? because i'm searching info of where to stay-what to see in osaka-kyoto this winter. Is a forum, i'll post a question... people can answer me or they can link me some representative argument... i don't understand what you mean, explain please
  10. thank's jynxx. Then your board is to search for a guesthouse-b&b or similar in kyoto? or remain in osaka city?
  11. OkOK you've win, we'll stop to osaka & Kyoto for visit I'm looking what to see, where to sleep (b&b it's ok) and a bit of nightlife. Off course i'm waiting also for your information/comment/suggest I repropose my question: it's a good choice Asahidake/kamui and the niseko or (remember: 1 time in japan) is better enjoy niseko and the 3 days between kokusai/Teine ? PS for it's possible to reach kokusai-teine from niseko? If yes it's a good idea or i must sleep in Sapporo? Or take and hotel/hostel/b&b directly on the resort? Thank's for your info, if so
  12. thank's to all!!! this forum is really a beautifoul resource I meet my friends in half an hour and talk about tokyo/osaka. Another question: it's a good choice Asahidake/kamui and the niseko or (remember: 1 time in japan) is better enjoy niseko and the 3 days between kokusai/Teine ? Maybe in this way i can take one flight less, and don't have big travel between resort? We're looking (obliviously) for powder, not tracks/snowpark. Thank you in advance. Ps in niseko i've found availability to downtown lodge/base lodge/chill lodge. Are good place to stay?
  13. thank's to all, we valutate this The other reason for tokyo choice is that our first snow stop will be Asahidake and from Tokyo we can fly direct to Asahikawa, from osaka there aren't direct flight
  14. Originally Posted By: Jynxx Why do you want to go to Tokyo? I would much prefer to go and see Kyoto since you are arriving in Osaka. Hi Jynxx and thank's for your reply. we will be in 4 persons, first time in Japan for everyone and we've choice to visit tokyo
  15. i'll arrive at 5pm, and i've see there are not direct fly at this hour. i've think to go to tokyo and spend my first two day visit the city, and from tokyo take a fly to chitose or Asahikawa
  16. i've another question about my trip but maybe i must open a new topic (mod say me if i'm in a huge OT:D) i'll arrive in osaka kansai and my first transfert will be in tokyo. Is better to take the train between the two cities or an airplane (i've 5 lowcost flight as staralliance member). I've see that train cost some euros plus respect the plane and there's less an hour difference, but i think my gain will be on checkin/out time and transfert from narita to tokyo city. Any experience?
  17. send me a private if you'll come, i'll be your cicerone and local for Alagna resort
  18. Originally Posted By: Schneebored ....and 5'3" Petite. Into all mountain freeride. And were going to buy a snowboard, what would you get? I don't have a clue about ladies boards and want to suprise the lady (Yet 100% decided if this is a good idea, as I could get it wrong) check out yes snowboard, they do also narrow board with camrock tech. i've also libtech btx but for me camber between feet is very important, and camrock give it plus two rocker out of the bindings. Actually i'm riding yes 156.5 asym board, love it.
  19. oki thank's for all PS cervinia is not the best, come to Alagna to enjoy the best vertical powder in italy
  20. Originally Posted By: Mamabear In Niseko, Hirafu Village is where the nightlife and the restaurants etc are located. Annupuri is a lot quieter, a lot less options and choice. Your dining options are numerous in Hirafu Village. They will also depend on your style of accommodation. There are many apartments that are self catered. But also many lodges that will provide breakfast included. Some also have an option to have dinner, but there are so many dining options in the village it is nice to eat out and try different things each night. You will probably need to book many of them in
  21. thank's tubby. how fare are the two locations? are well connected?
  22. in niseko zone do you think is better hirafu village or also Annupuri area will be ok? Another question: (both for pricing and quality) i can opt for b&b and have my dinner outside my host or is better to take and half board? Thank's!
  23. thank's for your reply. mhmmm chinese new year start on 3 of feb right? maybe we can move first to niseko area an after Asahikawa area.... Will wait for other opinions
  24. Hello, i'm Giorgio from italy. We've plan a trip for Japan between 26of jan and 9 of feb 2011 (we've booked our flight 2 months ago and now we're dreaming hokkaido:d). We want to spend the first 2 day in tokyo and it's ok, no problem for what to see and where to stay. i would like some board on where to spend the rest of the trip in hokkaido. Obliviusly we're powpow oriented I've think to spend the first 3 days between Asahidake and kamui ski links, sleeping and chillinig out in Asahikawa and then transfert to niseko area. There's a particolar area of niseko that we must mandato
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