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  1. nice! i'm pretty sure all my ski/snowboard trips this season are going to be either 4 days or 1 day from now on (unless i find a better deal somewhere).
  2. YES! This is the kind of 1 day trip deals that I've been looking for. I'll only be able to go on one "A day" and three "C days" in January and February because of school but I do have March 20th-28th free for some late season snowboarding I think I'm going to take a 6 day trip (20-25), return home to rest/recover for 2 days (26-27), and head back for a day trip if my body is feeling up to it. EDIT: Can somebody please provide me with some details about the 4 day 10k deal? My Japanese is horrible and I can't find any info about it.
  3. Besides BookOff where else could I find cheap used snowboards? I'm planning on heading down to Kanda tomorrow to go shopping. Which stores should I go to? EDIT: Book Off and Hard Off stock used snowboards?!
  4. I'm heading down to the ogawamachi area to buy some gear soon. I was just wondering how expensive winter wear is in Japan though. I found a sweet deal online for a 25,000mm waterproof and 15,000g breathable jacket that costs about 100USD and fits me. It's last year's model but it looks good and I don't really care if its the latest fashion (it's black anyway...) Should I go for it or should I buy a jacket in Japan?
  5. Nobody else is interested in massive discounts or has any experience to share?
  6. Has anybody gone to one of these events this year? Is anyone planning on going? I found a thread about the same thing but it was from 3 years ago and I figured that the event has probably changed since then? What's it like? How do I enter myself for the lucky draw thing at the event this weekend (50% off 09-10 boards, bindings, and boots)? Also do they restock everyday? I'm planning on going to the event this weekend but I can only go on Sunday. Does that mean that all the sweet deals and all the average sizes will be bought up on Saturday and there will be nothing left on Sunday?
  7. Hey guys. Sorry for the bump but I thought it would be better to post here rather than making a new but redundant thread. Did you end up shipping your board into Tokyo? I'm thinking about getting a Seirrascope but I really don't want to deal with some crazy high import tax.
  8. i'm using the audio-technica ath-anc7 ones. they are a little pricey but they are totally worth your money.
  9. Originally Posted By: RobBright there is - BUT - only if you use it every day. I guess the 18seishu kippu might save you money if you don't mind locals? theres no weekend package or anything? bummer... what is this 18seishu kippu you speak of? Originally Posted By: Black Mountain You might be right about thinking that seasons passes are the way to go but I'm not convinced. You should do a little more research before committing to buying one. Most of the resorts I've been to offer discount coupons on their websites. I thought about buying a season pass in Myoko Kogen last season and
  10. I thought a season pass would make sense if I wanted to ski a lot this winter season. For most of the resorts, a season pass ends up being cheaper if you plan on hitting the slopes more than 7-8 times. I was hoping there would be some kind of shinkansen season pass that would allow me to travel between Tokyo and Yuzawa/Minakami frequently.
  11. Hey everybody! I'm new here. I live in Japan and I've gone skiing in Japan every winter for the past few years but this will be my last winter here in Japan before I move to the (snow-less) Singapore for two years. I'm hoping on getting as much skiing/snowboarding time as possible this year. I'm still a student so trips during weekdays are impossible. My plan right now is just to get a season pass at a big resort in either Yuzawa or Minikami for a day trip every weekend. I was thinking about GALA Yuzawa because it's really big but the reviews on this site say that it gets insanely crowded duri
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