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  1. SantaCruz, You mentioned Pension Kanon Log Kabin fully booked, when's that ? PS : Log Kabin is so cheap and I was also considering it for my solo Niseko trip in Jan.
  2. Rokko-san ski jo is damn crowned over weekend and holliday. Last year it's like 100+ people on 200 m long 25 m wide single track. Boarding is after 4 pm only. Biwako should be most convenient one.
  3. dantk, backpacker is always great for a solo travel in all aspect. Early Jan in Hakuba, I probably be around those Backpackers..
  4. Originally Posted By: dallyd Only plans are to learn to snowboard and have a good time. Not really much of a city person no. Had a quick look at some info about yusawa, sounds pretty good. Im guessing that for a couple of months it would be cheapest for me to try and buy some second hand gear? Could u give me a rough figure of how much u think this will cost? I was also wondering whether not speaking japanese will be an issue at all? Thanks for the help guys not speaking japanese will NOT be an issue at all. (It might be some ... but not at all) Japanese as kind enough to help st
  5. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy Two big shops are Jiro Mondo and ICI in Sannomiya, there is an ICI in Umeda but its not that good. There are other smaller shops but really hit and miss. Some have good selections of boots, while others have good selections of clothes only. Odd. Best shops are prolly anywhere other than Kansai. Hundreds Thanks for this !!!!
  6. <50,000 sounds reasonable. I say 5X,XXX net sounds reasonable acceptable. Check out on expedia sometime it's like 450-500 USD. Worth to also call H.I.S. for local promotion. SQ also have cheap direct flight BKK/NRT (In some period is hell cheap, my friend used to fly 42,XXX net return on low season.
  7. Originally Posted By: StefanVP Hello all, Unfortunately I won't be able to get off work before the 26th of march, so I was wondering if it was still worthwhile to think about skiing in japan from 26th of march-26th of april? Thank you for your help (and my apologies if this in the wrong section of the forum). Last year I did Mar 29-30 in Naeba / Kagura .... great snow cover + a lot of fresh snow. Door to Door from Tokyo is less than 1.5 hour What a superb convenience place! If you landed in Narita in the morning I guess you can be on slope before noon
  8. I'm skier who love to ride with music. Anyway, I would do it only on a solo run and on an empty slope Riding fast on a crowned slope with music on can be very dangerous....
  9. Never experienced any delayed JAL flight (most of my trip itenary's tight so if any delay happens then it screws my iternary). More airports than other Japanese Airline it serves. Hostess's cute and does care passenger. There's once I have to take a flight to Bangkok when I'm sick .... they always come to check me. Award ticket also uses less mileage than ANA and star alliance. Anyway, I do not love everything ... in someway JAL's too Japanese .... for example, landing preparation time is normally 30-40 minutes while some airline like Thai mostly 15-20 minutes. (Imagine if you take s
  10. I don't think Japanese goverment would let JAL failed .... and they would not let American or Delta took it as well. I flew 20+ JAL flight both domestic & international since I moved to Japan last year.... I loved JAL. Take take four ANA flight but not comparable to JAL. Don't failed please...
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