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  1. Is that for real, Chriselle? Looks pretty cool, actually. (Do cheap watches have not-as-cool-looking gears in them?) But: BLING BLING!! Chris on his way down to the shop to drop 10 large on his new watch Watch out for the chest hairs getting caught in the chain. Can't be a good experience.
  2. Yeah, I saw that place and mailed them to ask about prices and stuff, but they didn't get back to me. How was the place Oyaji? Was it about 7000 yen per night? It was a few years ago so I don't remember exactly. Their SJ page says 8,000 for adults, which seems about what I recall. Cozy, very friendly owners. As I recall, they bake their own bread.
  3. Ouch! I hope it is all better in time for next season.
  4. ステレオタイプ? Or 既成概念, but that seems to be more along the lines of generalized preconceived notion. If you want the English nuances (racial, ethnic etc.), then the katakana version seems to be used. (Or so Mr. Google sez.)
  5. I've stayed at Pension Currants, near Marunuma Kogen: http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/gunma/katashina/pension-currants It was nice.
  6. Not sure if that makes sense. Not clear to me that skiing skills transfer very well to snowboarding. If the kid is interested in boarding, why not just start with boarding lessons? Unless the kid is also interested in skiing, of course.
  7. 15 minutes with or without training wheels? Strap a board on the back and get on out there! UK version of Paradise Alley.
  8. I had no idea, Mick! I'm kind of surprised that you were seriously thinking of going out to Sayama, but had never tried out the much-closer-to-you Snova. (Though to be fair, as I recall, you never actually made it to Sayama. )
  9. I've seen them in Japan, at a drugstore. Annoying, indeed.
  10. So how did it go, fukdane? Sounded like a grueling schedule. Did you come through in one piece?
  11. I predict that with all the summer weather we've been having, winter is less than 6 months away.
  12. My mother's got one similar, but without the front-end loader attachment. Kid enjoys taking it out for a spin when visiting Grandma. (Actually, I do too.)
  13. Ha ha, was thinking Tochigi or Fukushima, but good point, maybe I'm not thinking big enough. Though doubt I'd be able to afford Mt G. prices.
  14. Idly pondering the idea of slapping some black slate on the plastic tub, and laying some wooden sunoko on the floor. Could be a fun DIY project some day. Or maybe save it for that cabin in the mountains with onsen water hook-up that I fantasize about building...
  15. So they got into the bath without getting clean first? Eww, if true. Actually, their hair looks dry, so probably is true. But to be fair it's a publicity shot, so not necessarily representative of reality. Yeah, I was wondering if there is a water reheater attached. Not clear from the picture. The black slate tiles do look nice. Even better if they can be acquired cheaply. Idea for when it comes time for renovation, perhaps?
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