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  1. Originally Posted By: grantj71 OK... So we have read this type of thing 1000 times, but I am putting this review up based on my opinions. I have been to Japan for the last 4 seasons straight (currently in the hotel in Hakuba)... Mar 2006 in Niseko, Feb 2007 in Niseko, Dec 2007/Jan 2008 in Niseko, and Feb/Mar 2009 in Hakuba. I have come here to Hakuba with my wife, and she came last year to Niseko as a virtual beginner.. So... Here is some comparisons. Getting to resorts from Australia - The winner - Hakuba... Plane landed at 6am and in Hotel room by lunch time after taking trai
  2. First one I went to - and I still go back to - was Sugadaira in Nagano. Good place, though very quiet not the place if you want nightlife!
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