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  1. We have 2 boys aged 16 and 14. Probably the first things we look for in accommodation are a reasonably equipped kitchen(enough to cook basic meals and breakfast), a washing machine. Next is location. A 10 to 15 minute walk from shops and restraunts is about as far away as we would choose. So finding somewhere that fits the above criteria is our first prefernce, then we just try to pick a price that we are happy with. The price is only determined by where we are going and the going rate for the area. Sometimes we will pay a little extra to be closer to things for convenience. When
  2. Metabo, We really enjoyed Guam. We were to do some diving, but there was a strong wind warning out for the area until about the day before we left. If we were to dive, it had to be in the first 4 days of our time there, so as to avoid the deco issues with flying. We done an island tour, which was really worth doing, as the guide had lived there almost all of her life and had a huge wealth of information about the island. There is a lot of historical sites there, but unfortunately a lot of the buildings were destroyed, or almost destroyed, during battles between the Americans and the Japa
  3. Well, it's been one month since we returned from our trip to Japan, and I thought it about time I posted a summary of our trip and my thoughts etc. On January 7 we flew from Cairns to Sapporo, via Guam, with Continental Airlines. Apart from leaving Cairns at 1:30 in the morning, I could not complain about the flight. We had about 45 mins connection time in Guam, which I was a little worried about. As it turned out, the US immigration people were friendly and managed to fingerprint, photograph and clear us in pleanty of time. We landed at Sapporo around 11:00 am. We were all surprised to see
  4. This is a really interesting post. Great Pics. Thanks for sharing these. John.
  5. Seems to be trendy now, not only on the slopes... It's not really my thing, but I am definetly no fashion statement myself.... I tend to stick with practical, regardless of where I am. I agree with mammabear, snow down the back of my pants, while it may initially not feel too bad, would get a little uncomfortable over the course of the day. It's good for a lagh on the slopes though, checking out the "fashionable" gear. John.
  6. We will be in Niseko from January 8 to 18. Staying at Asuka. We are Wife and I, and 2 boys aged 14 and 16. Have no idea really what to expect. Just looking forward to the trip. Can't wait. John.
  7. We spent last weekend on Hamilton Island also. It's only a short drive for us. Lovely place. Weather was perfect. Luv the Pics. John.
  8. We will be in Niseko on January 8, 2010. Spending 10 Nights there. Can't wait. John
  9. Snowhuntress, Where did you get the cleats? Did you get them over there? Do other people recommend them also? John.
  10. Not saying that the way the discussion has evolved is a bad thing. Just find it amusing how things turn. Sort of like the conversations around a barby with a few cold beers and some burnt snags. One minute we're contemplating the fate of the said snags and the next we are solving the problems of the world. Should we stop drinking and eat the snags???? or should we keep drinking and forget about the snags????????? So many questions. John.
  11. It's amazing how this topic has digressed??? A question regarding the construction of "The Vale, Niseko" has somehow turned around to a "Can Money Buy happiness" topic??? Or that's how I see it anyway?? John.
  12. Mamabear, Going to Niseko in January. Have 10 nights there with 9 days of Lift passes etc. 3 days of snowboarding lessons, If we haven't got the hang of it by then, it's back to ski's for the remainder. John.
  13. We have never used them before, but will be this trip. We are learning to snowboard and think that any protection we can get will be usefull. I just hope that we only keep our injuries to ourselves??? Maybe everyone on the slopes when we are should wear helmets.
  14. Based on the info here, we will go by train. If it all turns pear shaped, we will put it down to experience and will no doubt laugh about it one day. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. John.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Not going back to Tokyo. Fly directly out of Chitose. It is the changing of trains at Otaru that I am un sure of. I do not speak any Japanese. John.
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