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  1. Well, as another Kanagawa-based, car-less resident, I'd be interested in hooking up for a mid-December trip!! I actually checked out Yeti on Friday and if you go with low expectations, it's not too bad for a pre-season warm-up!! It's probably a different matter on a weekend though!!
  2. There was only a handful of skiers there - definitely a boarders' place though it might even up a bit when the whole resort opens up with real snow! Yeah, hadn't planned on doing the nighter but we didn't arrive until mid-afternoon, so only got a couple of runs in before the 4-5pm shutdown. Thankfully the pre-typhoon rain held off until we got back to the car park at 7-ish!
  3. Yeah, made it there before the typhoon!! Pics to follow if I can work out how to upload them! It was much as described though not that busy, even with just the quad chair working. Actually had a good time - I think because I had such low expectations. Fuji-san even put in a brief appearance so can't complain!
  4. Yeah, I checked out the website earlier, though the weather forecast is saying it'll be dry tomorrow, so I might still give it a go. It's probably not worth the effort but I have a day off work and I'm desperate to give my Machete (and legs) a workout!!
  5. Am trying to swing a month or 2 in Hokkaido in Jan/Feb, with a stop at Hakkoda on the way! In the meantime, I'm planning a mid-December trip to Hakuba and a little jaunt to Yeti this coming Friday!!
  6. I might have to follow your lead and give it a go afterall, especially if there's a chance of a good curry! & I don't think it'll be much worse than most of the resorts in South Korea, where you're fenced in and have to take your chances with the masses!
  7. I'm planning to check Yeti out at the end of the month as, despite the threat of Morrissey-sightings and crap snow, I'm desperate to try my new board, so if anyone does make it there beforehand, I'd be interested to know what it's like. Cheers!
  8. Hi guys! So am I right in thinking that this year there will be little or no chance of boarding in June, other than at Gassan?? I've spent the winter checking out the resorts here in South Korea (I'm an English teacher) but am planning a trip to Japan in June and was thinking of taking my board. Cheers!
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