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  1. Thanks all for the advice. Got a reply from the resort ski school finally. They'll be open for private lessons on the 23rd onwards based on the resort estimated start date... hopefully... Booked into the Vale... Guess the guys were referring to their inhouse ski schools.... All set to go.. Have a great season ahead!!!
  2. Unfortunately that'll be the only period which i could take time off. Was initially planning to just stay in Osaka. But juz kinda realized that skiing might be possible. Will be there again in March or April for the snow. I've actually just received news from the hotel that no ski schools/ski rentals will be open in november ( booked for nov 28-dec 2 instead ). Can anyone confirm this?? Or i'll still have a chance?? If not it'll actually mean that i'll need to think of some way to get those skis from sapporo. Thanks.
  3. Powderman, May I know which accom you're booked into?? Been trying to book some accommodation around hirafu but most open on the 1st. Will take a gamble on the dates. Just hoping that there'll ski rentals and ski school operating pre season. Thanks for the advice everyone!! Have a great season ahead..
  4. Hi all, Planning for a trip with my wife to Hokkaido hoping to take up some ski lessons. Was looking at Kiroro but unfortunately couldn't get the mountainside accommodation for the the dates. Next would be NIseko Village or Hirafu. Not sure which one will be a safer choice though in terms of resort opening and when the ski school starts for the season. Any suggestions? We're pretty open to other ski resort suggestions as well as long as there's convenient accommodation to the slopes. Thanks I'm advance.
  5. Planning to spend a week riding. Not exactly sure where yet but probably either at Alts Bandai or Yuzawa area starting around mid March. Haven't had much experience riding March in Japan. How's the snow condition then? Slushy??
  6. Citadines Shinjuku.. relatively new.. affordable.. decent location.. BIGGER ROOMS.. and it's not expensive..
  7. Me and gf will be travelling to Osaka and Kyoto. Was thinking of spending a night in a hot spring ryokan preferably with a private bath as well... Any recommendations for that? Looking at somewhere around the area to limit travelling time.. maximum we're looking at the radius of an hour or so off osaka? Thanks in advance..
  8. With such short time.. for traveling convenience.. would suggest Yuzawa.. there's so much to choose from.. there's Naeba/Kagura... or if you stick to the closer to station places... Ishiuchi and Yuzawa would be great.. But do monitor the snow reports as it gets closer though... this year was really bad for Yuzawa.... I guess there's more rainfall as to snowfall this year .... and i think Yuzawa has more ski in ski out budget options.... Was staying in Schiheil in Ishiuchi maruyama this year... Excellent hospitality and lodging prices... Get a taste of some japanese cooking.. If you've got a
  9. Hi all, We've got a weekend planned out to move from Bandai to Ishiuchi. Wouldn't wanna ride the weekends so while our bags make its way to ishiuchi was thinkin of spending the weekend somewhere other than tokyo. Our limitation would be anywhere where the JR east pass allows. Any suggestions would be appreciated... Cheers.
  10. Sanosaka runs some discounts a day a week. They do have some men's day and ladies day that sells real cheap lift tickets.. And it's for all three resorts. I believe sanosaka buses starts from echoland onwards. Personally i kinda like sanosaka except for the transition between the three resorts.. Cortina has coupons for lunch/ticket/onsen package. You could get it online or I'm sure some hotel/B&Bs should have it. But you've gotta sort out your transport there though. Not exactly very accessible if you're not driving. Hakuba 47/Goryu.. One of my personal favorites. You could pro
  11. We'll be in Alts Bandai for a week. Been looking around for some cheap accommodation but can't seem to find much. We're not driving so i guess it has to be pretty close to the resort. Any suggestions ?? Thanks in advance.
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