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  1. Interesting read....i'm going to Hakuba soon and hopefully ski for 5 days, my accommodation is near Happo One, what are my best options?
  2. Thanks for all the advice everyone, leaving soon, looking forward to a new challenge!!!
  3. OK thanks for that...I don't have a tour operator and I've emailed our accommodation and they've come back with, what seems to be quite expensive price? I was just wondering if there's anywhere in Hakuba that would do them at a more competative price? Cheers again Amanda
  4. Hello all Does anyone know the best place to get ski passes in Hakuba, i'm there from mid to late March? I've been trawling this website but to no avail! Thank you. Amanda
  5. Hello all Just joined this site! Having been skiing for the last 14 years, it's mainly been in Europe and America. So this year I've decided to push to boat out and sample Japan! A little bit apprehensive but hey, let's give it a go! Can anyone tell me the best and economical way to travel from Tokyo to Hakuba?
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