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  1. what do you do ? so if your resut is "I would like to buy a hamburger" would you google search: I would like ?
  2. The fights make us stronger. You replay this thought in your head over and over. You replay it after arguments that he settled but you still shed tears over. After his rude remarks that hurt you, but were ignored in fear that another fight would start. After your existence dissappeared when 'his boys' came along. After the supposedly funny joke left you thinking all night. After all the forgotten events that meant so much to you, but so little to him. And when you dried your tears, and forgave him yet again, more came your way. You stayed up all night waiting for a pro
  3. I have an appointment next week for a root canal but I've been hearing that it's smarter to just get it removed because it will end up being infected anyway.. I don't know which to believe
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