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  1. Hi John. This thread's probably dead but it is a dilemma when one in the family does not enjoy skiing/boarding to a similar degree. We too are a family of 4 and there has been many a day when I (and now we as the boys can negotiate most runs) when we finish the day raving on only to find that mum's fed up or bored, or both. Can't imagine that she would want to switch to snowboarding and start all over again but each year we have tried a different tack. Private lessons to get her up to speed failed dismally. A hotel room last time in what I thought would be an interesting town (Nozawa) tu
  2. 23 years. First hill Alpe D'Huez. Trip with uni mates. Snogged my good wife for first time there.
  3. Hi Ryoma Got your email too. Thanks very much. Think we'll have to spend the $$ then. The snow and temp situation's looking better by the day which is great.
  4. Anyone know if there are English speaking kids ski school classes? Can't seem to get any info on this on the web. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Matt Back on topic, Ger is I think on the money for your situation. Layering up is the most versatile option. Cotton is out as it ends up wet so start with a wicking synthetic T shirt or thermal next to skin and/or a thin wool or polyester long sleeve if you feel the cold. Then a fleece and a breathable shell on top. You can omit one of the two inner layers if it's not that cold and you can unzip the fleece if you get hot on the mountain too. A neck fleece is handy for windy days on the chairlift. All layers can be used for other non-skiing situations so you're not buying a thick ski j
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