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  1. Dools, depending on how attractive you are you could always try picking up someone each night of your holiday and sleeping at their place. I tried this strategy back in 2004 - I was admitted to hospital on day 2 with hypothermia after having to sleep under a bus shelter.
  2. But remember this is only general advice and you should refer to the PDS before making a decision
  3. No such thing exists now mate with the exchange rate at 60yen to the dollar. Try Eastern Europe buddy
  4. Thanks for pointing that out JA - I still can't believe they ever produced credit cards with a rounded corner... Does it look cool? no. Is it functional? Apparently not in Japan. Are rectangles that bad?
  5. Sorry I should have mentioned - anyone who has been to Japan knows that credit/bank/travelex cards aren't very widely accepted by ATMs as Tubby Beaver correctly pointed out. HOWEVER - if you go to the post office all of the above cards will be accepted and work well, offering you better exchange rates than any other money exchange. It's simple really - get out $1000 at a time (make sure you increase your daily withdrawal limit at the bank) and see how long it lasts. If you're going to Niseko note that you will need to take a bus to Kutchan to go to the post office to perform the abov
  6. The best option is to withdraw money from your ATM card. This will give you a good rate with the only fee being the $8 (or thereabouts) withdrawal fee. Travelex Cash passports have lower one off withdrawal fees (~$3) but a small commission is taken when u deposit money onto the card. It's unfortunate you can't get the cash passports in Yen, only US/Euro/pound otherwise i would've exchanged when it was at 98 yen to the dollar. Ah those were the days... Tactic i'm no economics guru but i think the exchange rate is dependent on many more factors than the US announcing a recession and "a
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