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been thinking about pensions lately, seems there is a pending bill to allow back-payments for lapsed years.


What do you all think? Is it worth paying into J's system, or will it be broke in 10-20 years?






Bill to allow back payment of premiums in cards


Yomiuri Shimbun


The Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito agreed Wednesday to pass a bill to allow people to pay mandatory pension premiums they skipped in the past amid a burgeoning scandal over politicians' failures to join the national pension scheme or pay premiums, party officials said.


The bill would allow people to pay premiums due for any periods after the national pension scheme became mandatory for those aged between 20 and 59 in April 1986, they said. Such payments would have to be made in three years under a revised National Pension Law.


The lapsed period for which people can pay would be shortened to five years thereafter.


Those who are enrolled in the national pension scheme, including lawmakers, would be subject to the new rule.


Monthly premiums for the national pension program have been incrementally raised since April 1986. But the amount people retroactively would pay likely will be set to current prices, according to the bill.


The bill is in line with a recent agreement between the ruling parties and Minshuto (Democratic Party of Japan) in which they agreed to have further discussions to overhaul the nation's public pension system. The LDP and New Komeito will ask Minshuto next week for its cooperation for the legislation of the bill.


The bill is expected to help settle the problem over nonpayment and nonsubscription to the scheme, an issue that has sent shock waves throughout the political arena, by allowing people to pay premium dues for the period since April 1986, instead of the current past two years.


People will receive more basic pension benefits if they pay premium dues for an extended period. It is hoped this will allow people, who, for example, simply forgot to switch from the corporate employees' pension scheme to the national pension scheme when they changed jobs, to make up premiums in arrears.


The envisaged law also would allow some of these people, who are currently disqualified to receive basic pension benefits because they failed to pay into the program for the required 25 years or more, to be qualified by paying premium dues.


The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry has been cautious about the idea of extending the current two-year period because the ministry believed the extension could encourage people to pay premiums late, causing the rate of payment to fall.

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seems like a crock of shit.

Those guys quitting because they didn't pay into the fund when they DIDN'T have to!

samurai spirit maybe?

I didn't pay either, chop my head off...

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