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daver, do you mean Canada Avalanche Accociation ?


No in Japan such as CAA. There has been some movements which sometimes are hung up or in slow by the reason of money and resources. e.g. Japan Avalanche Network was established in 2001 as a special Non-Profit Organaization. They do/did good jobs, but has been in smaller activites.


I guess the same group might have this site, but not sure:



In Canada/US, some goverments pay much money for avalanche research for protecting citizen lives and properties, and there are some big fundations such as one from Rockefeller's son tragedy. You can see daily detail avalanche reports at Canada Rogers Pass Information Center. You can get some daily avalanche reports at US/Canada major ski resorts.


In Japan, we have no history such as ones in US/Canada. No Canadian Pacific Railway. No Rockefller's son. Japan ski resorts extremely prohibit Out Bounndary skiing. Also, mountain terrains are smaller, tiny sharp valleys, winding rigdes, mostly having trees. It makes avalanche forecasting be very hard.

It is important to learn US/Canada avalanche safety tech/knowledge. But Japan mountain terrains are quite diffrent to Rockey mountain ones.....

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that is the sort of info i was looking for. thanx for the reply. however my kanji, well, isn't very good.

given the slides do occur in japan, and do effect people ie the slide in nigata this winter, i am a little surprised that there isn't more effort put into the prevention of such tragedies. but as you say, the infrastructure of japan does not require forecasting to the same degree as western canada for instance.

i have been trained, but with that knowledge have come to realize that i know very little and am always eager to receive more information from those more knowledgable and more experienced. thanx, travel safely.

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