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Has anyone ever bought the otoku ski kippu from the reserved ticket machines at most major JR train stations? Does it include a lift ticket?


I recently bought a packet and the machine spat out six tickets. I know I have a round shinkansen trip ticket; one from tokyo to echigoyuzawa area, and one for the return trip. Then I have my receipt, a present application, an anquette and some disclaimer guide I can barely read.


Also does anyone know if it costs extra for me to change my shinkansen tickets to ones for reserved seating?


I'm just wondering if I have to pay extra for a lift pass where I'm snowboarding. (I'll most likely go to Kagura.) It would kinda suck to have to pay more money for a lift pass after spending all that money for this. But, I guess it is a little cheaper than just going on the fly. At least I know I saved at least 4000 yen on my shinkansen ticket.

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3d....no worries thumbsup.gif you should be able to reserve a seat without extra charge. I just bought that package a few days back for my trip to Gala yesterday.


What you do is you go back to the machine and choose the 'reserve seating' button and then put in your ticket (you can do all this in english). Pick your seat and it will spit out a reserve seat ticket.


You will still need the original ticket that the machine spit out (it will probably print some thing on the ticket in red) as that will get you in and out of the train stations - the extra ticket is just your seat assignment and you don't need to feed that into the tunrstile at the station.


I'm not sure what package you bought, but the one I bought included 6 tickets as well:

2 train tickets

1 survey (anketo)

1 present coupon (lift pass holder)

1 information and disclaimer

1 voucher for:

  • Gala 1 day lift pass and gondola pass
  • 1000 yen coupon or Gala Spa pass (choose one)
  • 20% of rentals (no need - I have my own stick)


If in doubt, just ask someone at the midori no madoguchi to help you out.



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Thanks, guys!


Originally posted by kaede:

5000yen for upgrade... usually

5000 yen for an upgrade? Aren't lift tix usually only about 4500 yen? Or is it a special deal that includes lunch or an onsen or something?


SirJibALot, how much was that deal for Gala Yuzawa? I was looking at that option too, but I wanted to keep my options open.

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