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Working as a liftie in Japan can be a good experience. My first job when I arrived was working on the lifts at Shiga Kogen and we were looked after really well. It could get boring at times but it was a small lift company with only a couple of lifts and we spent a lot of time doing other jobs while the Japanese staff worked the lifts. In those days there were quite a few Kiwis/Aussies working for resorts in Nagano but I think once the olympics finished and also with the trouble that a few of them caused, the resorts lost interest in employing them. A couple of Aussies got deported for stealing a car, often girls left for better money to work in bars and stuff got stolen/damaged.

Sure there are possibly better jobs on the hill like instructing, grooming etc but if you dont have the experience/qualifications to do it then working on the lifts is a good place to start. When I worked at Happo the acomodation was really good with a private shower/toilet. I think I had to pay about 300yen a night but on other resorts Ive worked at the accomodation/food was free so it just depends on the company you work for. If you like the outdoors then it will probably be a great experience. I think youll have a great time and meet heaps of great people.

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