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(burton)red's helmetX


giro flint

are both solid and stylish


(burton)red's skycap is

more stylish and less solid


that's my 2 cents


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I've got a Lavance full face helmet. It fits well as it comes with a set of adjustment pads, and the chin piece is adjustable too.


It has some ventilation, but it does keep your head warm. Jan-March, this is a good thing, April not so good.


If face plants are something you like to try, a full face helmet offers good protection.


Drawbacks of full face helmets include not being able to spit (I learnt that the hard way), and a limited range of compatible goggles (the peak and chin guard mean you need goggles with a clasp - forget Oakleys).

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Many of the helmets in Japan are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. I bought a relatively cheap Pro Tec helmet which has good ventilation and the all important clasp for your goggles! Even this, as one of the cheaper models, is now selling for about 11,000 yen!!!

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Sounds like you've got the same one as me Blazer. Mine's a silver (not shiny) Protec deal with thickly padded ears. Nice and comfy. No problems with overheating so far, even during a fall and subsequent long wade through waist-deep. Doesn't look particularly stupid either, even on me.


As a minor complaint, I wish it were a bit easier to fasten the chin strap with your gloves on, but I might get the hang of that with time. Maybe that's something to think about in the shop. I tested mine before buying with some dragons, so I've no problems with the goggles. My gf's Smith goggles seem to float slightly above my face though.


It's not good when 11,000's one of the cheaper ones....

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Ohhh rach, you neeed helmets allright,


When I look at the American Sports

stars that get paid millions to

get their headz bashed in, I shudder to

think that I could share the same fate.


A whole lot of these guys have serious

central nervous system problems for life

in the boxing world

Mohammed Ali can't even talk

Mike Tyson shouldn't be allowed to talk

Evander Holyfield is getting dumber by the day

in the football world

Packers receiver Sterling Sharpe lost his career to a neck injury

Cowboys Quarterback Troy Aikman can't play anymore because he kept getting concussions

and those are just the highest profile injuries -

the champs who despite rising above all competition

had to hang it up due to CNS injury.

In the snowboarding world, not a week goes by

that I don't read a story about some kid who

overshot a landing, hit a tree, or missed a

road gap

(This most recent edition of Transworld Snow

(which featured Japan btw) featured a letter by parents of a kid in

Alaska who tried to hit a road gap and died



I guess It's alot like the backcountry, you

make your bed and you lie in it, but I would

rather not become a parapalegic, or get

Parkinson's disease, from a broken neck or

too many whacks on the ol' mellon.

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I've been using the K2 Automatic for the last couple of seasons and really like it.

Comfortable, good venting (even heat transfer/retention via Outlast system), reasonable price(about 10,500).



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I have exactly the same problem trying to do the chin strap up with my gloves on. I think mine is the model down from yours because it doesn't have the ear covers. None the less, it still does a good job for me. And I don't look half as stupid as most of the other ones made me look!!

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Originally posted by rach:
Do you NEED helmets?

i was happy to have one!!!
i felt on the icy slope and hited my head.
fortunately i weared my helmet. i was "away" for about 5 minutes. without melmet i might be in a hospital now!!!
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