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Where in Japan is there a superpipe ?


Sure everywhere has a halfpipe, but I'm

looking for one with 5m walls and nice long



I know there has to be at least one. Those

Olympic riders didn't look too shabby on the

one in Salt Lake, so I know they are training



But where ?

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superpipes have wider or longer

transitions, depending on how you look at

them, in any case, yes, they are less

steeper, but with significantly

more height than a half-pipe (5m vs 3m).


when you are in a half-pipe it is like you

are on a skateboarding half-pipe, because

once you are done with one wall, you only

have a split second to react to the next wall

that is coming right up at you.


riding a superpipe is more like riding

downhill to toeside, than downhill to

heelside. you can get waayyy more speed

and height off the vertical.


the longer/wider transitions almost guarentee

that you won't land in the flat, a big

problem when landing tricks in a normal



the superpipe is bigger, safer, and better.

they use the superpipe in most of the bigger

contests, including the olympics.


however, a superpipe dramatically favors

the heavier male riders, as you really need

gravity working for you in order to get

enough speed to get up that 5 meter wall.


when the superpipes first came about,

accomplished females had a tough time even

getting out. i think that is why you

see the jockier, more muscular ladies (Kelly Clark)

rockin' the top spots in the pipe, while the

smaller girls are less consistent.

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