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Hey faceplant, good to see that someone knows the right place to go for snow in the "NH off season"


I live(d) in the SI of the NZ and frequented Mt. Hutt. Mt Hutt is about an 1-1.5hrs out of Christchurch by car drinving at 100-110kph. You have a 30min drive up the mtn. on a gravel road included in this.


Crowds will only exist on the weekends with lift waiting times for the main quad about only 10+mins.


If you are going to live in NZ for sometime and don't want to do much travelling to the resorts, stay in Queenstown. Queesntown is close to three resorts; Coronet Peak - 20 mins out of town; Remarkables - 40-60mins out of town; Cadrona - 1 and a bit hours out of town. All these resorts get frequented by the various world cup training squads etc. The only downer to living in Queenstown is that it is a town that lives on tourists so lodgings and stuff are not cheap.


As I am a SI guy I cannot help you with NI resorts, but there are only three that I know of up there so you are probably best to stick to the SI.


You might wanna look into some of the private fields in NZ. They don't groom, have only rope tows and the powder is f-amazing! Cheap too!


Now would be the time to look into season passes as usually they are really cheap at the begining of the season.


Well, that's my 2c!


Good luck! cool.gif

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Am in opposite sidefrom Mogski. I haven't been South Is. & a house in NI.


Mt. Whakapapa & Mt. Turoa( I think now both resorts combined & calls "Mt. Ruapehu" ) is in middle of North Is.

I felt ... the slopes are slightly icy...(compared snow in Japan) but nice park, and nice resort, I think.


Auckland to Whakapapa is about 4 hours+, I don't know how long it will take from Wellington, but I assume it takes almost same.


I might try to visit South Is. this summer(in NH) if I can take holiday.

Maybe c you in NZ.

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Good advice from the people above-one point to remember and bear in mind is that NZ experiences pretty shocking seasons from time to time. However I went back for summer vacation last year and had a great time at Mt Hutt, Porter Hights and Cheeseman-all within an hour and a half from Christchurch. Have to say I found the lift lines a bit of a hassle one day at Mt Hutt as there had been a big dump and every fiend within a hundred kms had taken a sick day to help track it out. Most resorts just lack the infastructure to deal with crowds at times.Temple basin is often highly rated by boarders and it's possible to stay on the mountain-kind of necessary anyway unless you want to start the day with a 45 min climb from the carpark every morning. Mt Lyford in Nth Canterbury can also get a lot of snow when other fields are struggling. It all depends on the season but you'll have a great time regardless because NZ really is a great place.

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