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About contacting SnowJapan

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Contacting SnowJapan

The best way to contact SnowJapan is using our online form here:


As clearly noted on the above page, we are not able to respond to specific questions about ski areas, hotels, and other travel-related issues.

We are extremely pleased to see SnowJapan being used more this year than it ever has been during October. There is no doubt that people are excited about the Japanese borders re-opening in time for winter, and we believe our new, improved site is another factor in the heavy traffic.

However, on a daily basis, people have been using our contact form to ask those detailed questions. Sorry, but we are unable to respond to such requests.

We devote our entire year to checking, updating, modifying and adding information to SnowJapan - for everyone's benefit. It's what we do! If we spent our time responding to individual and specific requests, we would not be able to do that properly.

Of course, please do use the form if you want to send us questions or comments about the site.

Thank you.



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